SmartGolf is a revolutionary organization that has given a new life to golfers. It has created a legendary product that will help the golfers improve their swings by practicing virtually anywhere. It has been marching towards its ultimate goal of providing accessible and effective gold practice equipment and different methods to golfers of all levels. It has been working to accomplish this goal since 2015. Let’s learn more about it.

SmartGolf – A Brief


SmartGolf is the first Smart Gold swing trainer in the world which can easily analyze and trace your swing. Unlike most of the other mechanic swing trainers, SmartGolf can even provide feedback and tips on improving your swing through its smartphone or PC app. It is one of the best training tools for golfers of different age groups.

It was specifically designed for the golfers struggling to find time and a place to practice their swing. Its unique Wi-Fi connection lets the users connect the SmartGolf to just any device, eliminating the connection issues that might be caused using standard Bluetooth. SmartGolf provides more precise data as compared to other sing trainers because of its built-in hardware.

Gold Club and Golf Putter are the two revolutionary products by the company that is capable of helping the newbie to a pro golfer. The planning to launch this product started in 2014 while SmartGolf raised some funding by launching a funding campaign on Kickstarter as well. Let’s learn more about it.

Smart Club – Practice your Swing Just Anywhere Anytime


After raising funding of over 20000USD on Kickstarter in 2015, SmartGolf Company started the manufacturing of Smart Club for aspiring golfers. It is the next generation of smart equipment that will help the golfers to practice their swing and analyze it completely. They can start practicing the swing just anywhere anytime on the virtual greens.


The Smart Golf app connected with the club will be representing the complete analysis of the swing along with some handy tips to improve it. It can act as one of the best personal trainers for golfers of any age group.

The Smart Club offers the most accurate data having a 9-axis accelerometer gyroscope and a built-in compass in its head. It is a regular 35-inch stiff shaft giving you the feel of an outdoor club. Analyze the club velocity, angle, and rhythm using the swing analysis and get this data for future reference as well. The swing during the impact can be analyzed completely.

The Smart Club can be availed at $350 from the official website. Install the SmartGolf app on your device and connect it with Wi-Fi to get instant analysis of swing in real-time while you are practicing with the club shaft.

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Smart Putter – Practice Putting Effectively


After the launch of a revolutionary Club shaft, SmartGolf Company then raised 37000USD from its Kickstarter crowd-funding campaign for the new product Smart Putter. This new product allows golfers of all age groups to practice putting effectively. Once you connect the SmartGolf app using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth to the instrument, you can get the real-time analysis on your putting.

The aspiring golfers can try out the putts on virtual greens for realistic practice and get the analysis along with the tips to improve their putting ability. This initiative by the SmartGolf Company lets the golfers practice and enjoy golfing anytime anywhere.

Smart Putter equipment has LED indicators and laser aim that is perfect to develop winning muscle memory. LED indicator helps you to keep your stroke smooth without losing the stance while the laser aim ensures that your aim is true by setting a balance between the putter face, ball, and hole. It can be availed at $300 from the official website.

SmartGolf Mobile App

mobile app

SmartGolf app gives you a complete analysis of your golf practice with tips to improve your playing style. Apart from this, you can enjoy playing with your friends or alone in the lush green fields through this app. Modify avatars and take up new challenges while playing in the ‘Field Mode’. The SmartGolf application is available for iOS, Android, and Windows smartphones.

The Bottom Line

The people are moving more towards the luxurious sport – Golf. With this increase in the number of golfers around the world, SmartGolf brings the most powerful equipment to practice swing and putting and get real-time statistics to improve your golfing. Any aspiring golfer must buy these products.