Slots Volatility: What is it, and why is it important?


When it comes to slot machines, volatility refers to the amount of risk related to a particular game. It is basically how much and how often you should expect to win while playing. For some games, you’ll experience big wins occasionally after a long period of losses – try Enchanted Prince.

On the other hand, there are games where you mark big wins within a short period. This second category of games is known as high volatility slots. In low volatility slots, you frequently win too, but the payouts will be low.

High Volatility Slots

High volatility goes hand in hand with high risks. This is because when payouts come, they are big wins and are fewer in number. They also do not come often. Sometimes, you click on the spin button and watch your balance dwindle with little to nothing to show. Then, along the line, things align, and you hit a huge payout. Of course, this covers up for the long period when you won nothing. This experience is common among players who go for games that offer big win options.

People opine that the thrill of going after the big win is worth it when it is landed. Of course, a lot of patience is needed to achieve this. In my opinion, I’ll say that high volatility slots were built solely for that experience. I can’t reiterate enough that this kind of slot offers huge payouts and wins.

Low Volatility Slots

These are the exact opposites of high volatility slots. They go hand in hand with low risks. Here, there are smaller but more frequent payouts. There’s no dull moment when playing this type of game. This is because you get rewarded with little wins after some spins. Also, you get carried away with the bonus features and other features, and time seems to fly. I’m not saying that there can’t be big wins on this type of game. They’re not just on the same level as the high volatility slots.

Determination of Volatility

The information about the determination of volatility isn’t out in the open. But you can determine the volatility of a slot after playing it for some time. The fact that most slot players find themselves drawn to a particular type doesn’t make any good or bad. Be it low or high, you settle for the one you prefer, especially if it suits your gambling style.

I mentioned earlier that you could determine volatility when you play a particular slot for some time. In light of this, I’ll advise that you play free versions of the game first before staking real money. Taking a look at the game’s paytable is another way to get an idea of its volatility. A game is medium to high volatile if the prizes offered for it are high. The huge prizes won’t be a frequent occurrence for this kind of game.

Difference between Variance and Volatility

You might see slot variance being used in place of slot volatility. Not to worry, they are talking about the same thing. They are used to refer to how much and how often a player should expect to win while playing.

Although your preference matters, your budget should be the major determining factor when it comes to slots volatility. You should try your hands on high volatility slots if you have extra money to spare. However, you should stick to low volatility slots if you have little money.


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