Significance of Managing Patches


Each year, our world is increasingly becoming digital. Our interactions with friends and family information, as well as a lot of jobs, depend heavily on the world of the Internet. While this brings great advantages, it has also opened us to a greater threat of cyber terrorism.

JetPatch Server Patch Management is here to take you on an overview of this process and the reasons for the importance of patch management and its practical applications in your company.

What is Patch Management

The process of patch management is disseminating and dispersing updates to the software. The process involves buying patches, reviewing them, and deploying patch updates to the IT infrastructure. Patches are a part of the software that enhances the performance of an existing program. You might think of it as a “bandage” applied to software.

Importance of Patch Management

Regular software patching enhances your system’s security, stability, and performance. Also, security vulnerabilities in systems have increased in recent years. PrintNightmare focused on Windows Spooler or the 16 years old flaw within HP, Samsung, and Xerox printer drivers. Do you remember the infamous WannaCry Ransomware threat? The reason for this was because of unpatched systems which malicious hackers exploited.

Even though Microsoft had issued a security patch to address the flaw on Windows OS two months before the attack started, numerous individuals and businesses alike didn’t upgrade their systems on time and were thus vulnerable. If this doesn’t convince you, consider the numbers showing that in 2020, more than 18 000 vulnerabilities were discovered.


The most important advantages of proper patch management are:

Productivity increases

Patches can correct various bugs and errors and improve the system’s stability. Your employees will not waste time due to downtime because they won’t need to deal with system issues or experience downtime every two days, So they’ll be productive and not spend the time they would have spent.

Remote protection

More companies than ever before are encouraging at minimum remote working part-time basis. 70% of employees around the globe work remotely at least one day per week. How do you safeguard the information stored in your employees’ workplace or mobile devices? Patch management tools can be part of remote workforce support to safeguard your business’s devices regardless of where they’re situated.


Technology is advancing rapidly. It appears that every time developers launch one new feature, a more modern and better version comes along to replace it. Patches that usually include new functions and features let you keep current with the latest technology advancements and enhance your services without purchasing an entirely new program.

Enhanced Functionality

It is important to note that software updates often entail enhanced functionality, not just patches that fix software flaws.


With JetPatch Server Patch Management, it is possible to achieve total automated patching quickly and easily. Create an inventory of assets, attain compliance, limit vulnerability vulnerabilities and exploits, update software and install software anyplace across the globe at any time.

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