Servers and its Types : All you Need to Know [Guide]


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Large businesses, offices and IT house need big systems for their workload and backups; for this purpose servers are used by almost everyone. These servers are not like typical desktops and laptops physically and don’t need laptop accessories or desktop accessories. Basically, servers manage network resources. There are typically four main types of servers which include proxy servers, web servers, FTP servers and online game servers. Web sites and email services are used by the networks.

Servers are no different from normal computers, server hardware’s are customized according to the requirement for the work but the software is totally different from computers or cheap laptops used normally. Servers need higher storage and fast processing so that the client can access, change and manage data efficiently. An operating system for servers is known as a server platform and is altogether different from what is required for computers.

  • Application Servers

These servers play an important role in database servers and their end users to connect to each other. Middleware is responsible for creating this connection. Furthermore, it can connect it to web servers. Users can extract data from the database using browsers according to user rights.

  • Chat Servers

Chat servers are responsible for the live chat between different people using operating systems. The purpose of live interaction can be information sharing or discussion.

  • News Servers

USENET is a system for global bulletin board and is responsible for allowing users to access all the available newsgroups on his network. USENET is also responsible for the circulation and sending of these news groups.

  • Proxy Servers

Proxy servers are used for better performance and filtering the requirements for the client and an external server. These servers are also responsible for sharing the connection between client and the server.

  • List Servers

These servers are used to create and manage mailing lists and the feedback from the customers. This server is also responsible for the announcements or marketing through the web page.

  • IRC Servers

IRC networks are basically Internet Relay Chat networks. This network allows users to connect to each other. These are also known as real time communication servers. These are fast, efficient and can be used to share information.

  • Virtual Servers

Virtual servers are set for individuals, so that their demands can be met and there is less cost and much efficiency.

  • Fax Servers

These servers are used for reducing communication resources. Organizations with more telephone calls send actual fax documents using these servers.

  • Telnet Servers

Using a username and an ID, user can log in to a computer and extract, manage and insert information and data using a normal computer. Users can also work from anywhere else. Which gives them freedom from being bound to a place to access the data?

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