10 Dumb Mistakes to Avoid While Doing SEO for Your Blog


Common SEO Mistakes That You Should Avoid


So, like any one else you too want a better rank on Google.

You publish your content and expect Google to give a better rank to your site.

You try getting more and more links and shares to get higher rank.

Alas! nothing happens; you somehow are not getting a place on the first page of Google.

Here we shall be discussing some of the common mistakes that web masters make that do not allow their sites to reach the first page of Google.


  • Over optimisation of anchor texts

This happens to be the most common mistake that online marketers are found to make. They still believe that having several backlinks using the same anchor text can get them higher ranks.
However, the fact is that if your site has a lot of backlinks and many rich anchor texts, it can result in dropped traffic and rank. You need to mix and rotate your keywords so that it looks natural. If people want to link to your site, they are likely to use the name of your company.
When you build backlinks, make sure you use your brand name for 80% of the times and rich anchor texts for only 20%. Try to use various combination of your brand name, like, Youwebsite, Yourwebsite.com, YourWebsite, www.yourwebsite.com, Your Website.com, etc.

  • Targeting the wrong keywords

This mistake is made by a lot of people, as observed by SEO company in India; and the worst part is that even experienced people do it. People tend to choose keywords that they feel are right for their site, but, a user may not use the phrase while searching. Suppose, you have a relationship website, and you discover that the keyword, “relationship guide” does not work for you, in spite of having “relationship” in the phrase; while “dating advice” may work like a charm. You cannot make up good keywords on your own, you need to search them is a keyword suggestion tool.

  • Broken links

These are hyperlinks that no longer point to their intended destination. These are very disappointing and annoying for users. Websites naturally accumulate broken links. But, you need to make sure that these are are not accumulated as neither users nor Google likes them. Are you wondering, if they are natural, then why are they disliked by Google? Well, that’s because, bad links earn you a bad reputation. So, regular housekeeping on your site is an absolute must.

  • Building too many links to your homepage

No website can look natural if it has too many links only to its homepage. If you want serious SEO results, you should make sure that your backlink profile looks as natural as possible. Instead of sending all your links to your homepage, split them up among your blog posts.

  • Using poor content for your site

Whenever a user visits your site,  they always have a purpose in mind. To put it more simply users come to your site with a question. So, make sure that your content provides them with the answer. Users hate sites that beat around the bush, and so does Google.

You can often hear people saying that a piece of content should be about 500 words long. Well, that is not really true. Ideally, you should not end your write-up until and unless you have provided the best value possible. If that is done within 300 words, its fine; and if it takes 1000 words or more, then too its fine. You cannot really write quality content when you are given a 500 word mark. It is not without a reason that Wikipedia ranks so well. It is because the site provides the right amount of information, which may be 400 words long or 2000.

  • Ignoring the Title tag

If you are leaving the title tag empty, then let me tell you that you are making a big mistake. In fact, it is one of the most important places where a keyword should be placed. This is because, it not only helps you in optimising your site, but the text in your title tag gets displayed in the search results as the title of your page.

  • Links from non-credible sources

Links to your website act as votes of confidence. Imagine Sachin Tendulkar telling you that you bat well. You’d feel no less than a champion. When a compliment comes from a veteran, it’s obviously real.
This is the type of quality that you need to focus on when building your links. You should try to get links from quality sites. I know it is difficult, but quality is not something that you should try to make up with quantity. A link from a good blog is likely to get you better ranks, than a hundred links from poor quality sources.

  • Avoiding analytics

If you do not measure the data of your website, you cannot really have any objectives in business. You, surely, want to know the areas in your site that perform well and not very well, so that you can work on them accordingly.
Setting up your weekly reports and conversion goals are only the beginning. You will have to monitor the phrases that are getting converted, rather than terms that are driving more and more traffic.
Get Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to your site to analyse your data in the best possible way.

  • JavaScript Menus

You should know that search engines do not read JavaScript. However, if you have JavaScript menus that you cannot do without, make sure you build a sitemap so that all the links can be crawled upon by Google.

  • A Flash website without an HTML alternative

Flash websites are very rare these days. However, if you have one and do not want to change it, make sure you get an HTML version of it made. This is because Flash is not quite loved by search engines.


These are the ten mistakes that a quality SEO company in India warns you against. So, you make sure that you walk the right path to get your website right at the top of Google SERP.

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