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Last updated on October 27th, 2016 at 11:27 pm

In this cutting-edge era of competition between the various companies to rank well in search engines, not getting involved is almost equivalent to living without a heart.


Without SEO, you are losing on to a large number of audience and which in turns leads to a loss of good amount of money. You will rarely find any business without their footprints on internet. As internet has penetrated more and more to different demographics all over the world, they are more likely to search about it on the internet before buying it. So it’s equally important to have a good impression and reach of your business over the internet.

SEO is not a child’s play. It’s easy to start with, but hard to master. And given the magnitude of the current competition, one wrong step and you end up pit-falling. Also, without the help of proper tools, you would end up taking the same route (AGAIN!). Knowledge about SEO is important, but so is the tools.

When it comes to great SEO tools which will help you perform well at search engines, I find no one better than SEMCompass.

It helps you with both SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEM (Search Engine Marketing) with the help of great tools such as SEMRush and WhiteSpark. Along with it, it also gives you access to Plagspotter, helping you to find out if anybody stole content from your website or not. It’s all-in-one suite, helping you out with some of the most important blogging tasks which consists of about 50% of the whole work.

They offer a 3-day trial period in which get hands-on with it and its various tools.They have even got a 7-days money back guarantee scheme, which just shows their faith over the product. Even though they don’t have a support team, the founders–Ryan and Sam are active throughout the day. The best part–you can get  your doubts and queries cleared directly from the founders. Isn’t that great?

Here is a glimpse over the set of tools it provides you:


SemRush is one of the most popular SEO tools to find suitable and profitable keywords for your post. It is one of the most-preferred tools by the professionals. It has got a huge database of 106 million search engine results and helps you to know about your competitors (which keywords they are using and so on). It gives you a full report detailing about your organic traffic distribution (traffic from search engines), keyword research, competition analysis and many more features packed into this one amazing tool.


If you have a local business and targeting local search results, then nothing works better than WhiteSpark.

You might be knowing about citation. If not, that’s not an issue. Citation is basically a reference of your business on any other website. The reference usually includes: business name, address, and phone number. In local SEO, citation plays a major and a dominant role in bringing in new customers.

What WhiteSpark does is that it helps you to make citations on other websites to increase your reach of your products and business. Just put your search term and the local area you are targeting and it will provide you with a list of citation-building websites. Otherwise, you can even target your competitors and find out where their citations are coming from.


PlagSpotter is a Plagiarism checker tool and many of you must be acquainted with it. You don’t want others to steal your content and start ranking against you for better results and performance in search engines. This tools helps you to maintain the uniqueness of your website and it’s content and you don’t even have to shell much money as you would have to for tools like CopyScape. Moreover, unlike other plagiarism tools, you can search for plagiarism for more than 100 links (content on that link of the page), at once. Isn’t it incredible?

Subscription to all these tools individually will end up costing you about a whooping $247.95. But thanks to SEMCompass, you get full access to these three tools at a mere monthly subscription of $49.

So why waiting here? Head towards the this awesome suite of tools to help you out with SEO!  — SEMCompass


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  • Hi Sayantan,
    Great share
    SEMCompass is a great tool to improve search engine rankings. I am a big fan of SEMRUSH and now I’ll give SEM Compass a try.
    Thanks for sharing this article.

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