Top 6 Security Risks for your Android Phones that you Should Know

(Last Updated On: March 20, 2014)

Android is one of the most prevalent smart-phone operating systems in the world and its publicity is constantly increasing considering 2011, saw the sale of more than 70 million Android powered smart-phones. If you’re an Android user you need to know that it’s also gaining popularity among hackers and your phone could experience external problems.

security risks for android
security risks for android

The first problem with the Android system is that it has no internal back-up restoration. Apple’s iTunes backups everything in your iPhone once it’s connected but Android has no such features, although they should so in case something happens to your Android smart-phone all your data will be lost forever so you need to make sure that you backup everything. There are many third-party applications available on the internet such as MyBackup and WaveSecure so try downloading them and backing up all your content on your PC. Also if you’re worried about your Android being stolen then subscribe to Android’s service “Fine me” which locates your smart-phone and tells you where it is.

An increasing security risk is mobile theft. Someone could steal your phone or you might misplace it so you need to make sure that its difficult for them to get into your Android smart-phone. Lock your phone using a PIN or password as this is more difficult to break into then Android’s pattern lock. Also turn your Android security high by setting your phone to lock itself automatically within 2-3 minutes.

One of Android’s top security threats is its deficiency of hardware data encryption. Android phones that fall below the Honeycomb operating software have hardware encryption problems. In case your phone gets stolen the person would be able to go through all of your content and unlike the iPhone you won’t be able to set your phone to automatically destruct the given data.

Android’s increasing popularity is making it liable for sms-phishing. This sends users text messages which then invoke them towards opening links that have malware in them. Apart from this Android is also a hub for unsafe surfing. Internet browsing on Android isn’t completely safe and prone to external malware and security threats. Although Google tried to increase the security of Play Market by using cross-site scripting Android users are still experiencing problems regarding their browsing.

Another security problem with Android is the Play Market. Its filled with unlimited applications and they keep increasing. This might be good news for Android users but it is also bad news. This means that malicious application are also included in the Play Market and these applications act like secure un-harmful apps that attack once downloaded. They initiate key-logging and spyware as well as constant spam email.

Finally there is the problem of Android malware and Fake anti-malware. According to sources Android malware increased more than 400% this year and that’s a detrimental amount to look at. Android developers have installed the sandboxing application which tries to limit malicious application but even that has some loopholes. Before you download any application go through its reviews and rating and check if it appears safe. Applications such as Advanced File Manager and Task Killer Pro were found to have malware in it. After this there were many anti-malware applications on the Play Market. Anti-virus applications were designed to seem perfectly secure but caused destruction once installed.

Noting all the above security threats in Android you need to be sure about your phones security and tools. Try to backup all your data on your PC so you don’t have to constantly worry about your Android malfunctioning and also invest in top anti-virus applications to keep your data safe.

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    • Thanks Harsh bro. Being the no.1 mobile OS, security is the top risk factor for Android. Glad you liked it. Keep visiting. 😀

    • That’s not true brother. Antiviruses are essential while performing online transactions via android phones. It’s from my experience and better be safe than regret. 😀 By the way, thanks for your voice.

    • That’s not true brother. Antiviruses are essential while performing online transactions via android phones. It’s from my experience and better be safe than regret. By the way, thanks for your voice.

    • Yeah Bipul. Android’s vast popularity makes it more prone to cyber attacks. Let’s take some precautions before it. That’s all. Thanks for your valuable comment. Keep visiting. 😀

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