WordPress is one of the most popular blogging platforms which is used by millions of bloggers, and these blogs have billions of visitors every day. The only concern about the WordPress platform is that it is not safe and normal WordPress (without any protection) site owners are under constant threat of losing their site and hence money. But there are some reliable security plugins like Security Ninja are available in the market which can protect WordPress site from various security threats.

Introduction to Security Ninja WordPress Plugin

Security Ninja that check hacked, dangerous and vulnerable WordPress plugin is 3+-year-old one which has been used by thousands of bloggers on their sites. Security Ninja is helping thousands of its users to stay safe and prevent downtime due to security issues. Working of this security plugin is very simple, and it performs some 40 plus security tests of a user site and provides a comprehensive overview of that’s site security. The result of each test is shown in different colors. And in the case of failure or warning the user can use links to get a detailed explanation of the problem and ways to fix that problem.

How is Security Ninja useful to you?

In this part of the post, we will tell you why to go for Security Ninja. We are providing a snap describing some of its key features. Read below features from given snap carefully.

How to use Security Ninja?

Here is a little guide which can help you to understand the working the plugin to help you more we are providing some snaps also.

1. First of all, you have to download Security Ninja folder.

2. After that, you have to upload it, after uploading is done you have to install and activate it.

3. After activation is done, the Security Ninja plugin is ready for use. You can start scanning from the plugin page, or you can also open Security Ninja page from tool menu have a look at below snap for more idea.

4. From the Security Ninja plugin, you can start scanning of site security threats just by clicking on Analyze Site. After 60-70 secs only you will get following result page.

5. You can click on any problem and can get possible solutions and some tips to cope up with that problem. Like as shown in below snap in which we clicked on highlighted problem, and we got the solution for it on the next page.

6. As we mentioned in above part of the post some security add-ons are also provided in the plugin which can be used from home screen of Security Ninja plugin.


Security Ninja without pro features is free for WordPress.org. And Security Ninja with pro features is a paid service. Users can choose the plan according to their need like number of sites, number of users, etc. Have a look at below snap for more idea about the price.

Final Words

We are providing some pros and cons which we noticed while using Security Ninja on our site for several days.


1. Price is one of the biggest plus point associated with it, Security Ninja Pro is much cheaper than another security plugins. One thing which should be noted by our readers is that Security Ninja without pro security features is free for wordpress.org

2. It is very easy to use plugin which performs both some simple and complex security test within one click only.

3. Unlike other plugins, Security Ninja will take hardly 60-70 secs to complete 40 plus security tests of a site.

4. It is a light plugin which never affects the loading speed of the website.


No free trial of the PRO plans.

As you can see, it is having a huge list of pros with only one negative point. And because of this only you should try it once. Before buying pro version of Security Ninja try its free version perform its free test on your site and improve your site security.


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