Security installations are becoming more prevalent nowadays, due to which, it’s imperative to select the camera as per the application. This guide will guide you about various types of cameras available in the market so that you can choose an appropriate one.

  • Dome Camera

These cameras have got this name due to their shape. These cameras function like others however these are available in dome-shaped housing. Such cameras are suitable for dry environments such as warehouses and kitchen.

The cameras are typically used in retail stores. This way, dome cameras serve a dual purpose. On one hand, thieves will keep a check on their activities and secondly others will feel protected. Units which allow cameras to spin quickly are called “speed domes”. If you are looking for Home CCTV, then this one is a must pick for you.

  • Bullet Camera

A bullet camera is a ceiling mounted or wall mount, which is particularly designed for using indoors but can be used for some outdoor applications as well. The name of the camera has been derived from its thin cylindrical and sleek shape.

Some bullet cameras are also waterproof. The camera is not designed specifically for having tilt/zoom/pan control but for capturing images from a distance. If you also want to buy a bullet camera, Hikevision CCTV UAE is the best option for you.

  • IP Camera

These cameras, both wireless and hardwired are usually used for transmitting pictures over the internet. They are quite easy to install as compared to analog ones as there is no power boost or separate cable required for sending images over longer distances.

These cameras have high scalability and resolution for better performance. Resolution is available from VGA to 29 Megapixel. Some IP cameras also have inbuilt video analytic software.

  • Night Vision/Infrared Camera

The Infrared cameras are able to see pictures in the pitch black condition by using IR LEDs. In some of the cases, these cameras are used for mobile applications.

  • Night/Day Camera

Night/day cameras are made for situations with varying light conditions and allow the camera to take pictures. These are mainly used for outdoor applications where a security camera is set up for a parking lot. In some cases, these cameras are customized for functioning in direct sunlight, strong background, glare, and reflections 24/7. These cameras can effectively handle both night and day time lighting situations.

  • Board/Desktop/Covert Cameras

These small cameras are quite useful for desktop use such as Skype and other video calls. Besides this, these are used in other teleconference applications that have low resolution.

  • Varifocal Camera

A camera having varifocal lens can be zoomed in and out while using. The zoom in and zoom out maintains the image focus and thereby doesn’t affect the image quality.

  • PTZ Camera

This camera provides the surveillance operator an ease to move the camera right or left, down and up, and zoom the lens farther or closer. These cameras are used in surveillance situations in which there is a surveillance specialist or an actual guard monitoring the pictures.

These cameras have automated zoom/tilt/pan functionality where cameras move on a timely basis. These are most of the times used for covering a wide area having only one camera or for avoiding bad light conditions, like setting the sun.

  • High Definition Camera

These cameras are used in niche markets like casinos and provide operators an ability to zoom out and in with extreme clarity. Earlier, these cameras were analog cameras, however, today digital improvement has misplaced those earlier units.


This guide will assist you in choosing an appropriate camera for your facility. You don’t want to be stuck with paying for a CCTV Installation that is not the best fit for your requirements. Make sure that before buying any camera, you check the prices from multiple vendors and go with the best deal.