Scalable ERP Software for Small Businesses And Mid-sized Business

How ERP helps businesses grow?

Enterprise Resource Planning is an automated software that helps businesses manage their payroll, inventory and supply chain, accounting and sales, customer service and cash to order processes. The ERP system automates the manual tasks and eliminates the need of maintaining multiple copies of the same data.

Scalable ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software for small and mid-sized businesses refers to software solutions that can be tailored to the specific needs and growth trajectory of a small and mid-sized business. These software solutions are designed to manage various aspects of a business, including financials, inventory management, human resources, and customer relationship management.

Scalable ERP software is important for small and mid-sized businesses because it allows them to efficiently manage their operations and grow their businesses. As a business grows, its needs change and scalable ERP software can accommodate those changes without requiring a complete overhaul of the system. This means that small businesses can start with a basic set of features and add more as they grow.

Some common features of scalable ERP software for small and mid-sized businesses include:

  1. Financial management: This module includes tools for managing accounts payable and receivable, billing, invoicing, and other financial processes.
  2. Inventory management: This module includes tools for managing inventory levels, tracking stock movements, and ordering new stock.
  3. Human resources: This module includes tools for managing employee information, tracking attendance, and processing payroll.
  4. Customer relationship management: This module includes tools for managing customer data, tracking sales, and monitoring customer interactions.

Scalable ERP software for small and mid-sized businesses is often cloud-based, which means that it can be accessed from anywhere with an internet connection. This makes it easy for small and mid-sized businesses to manage their operations remotely and collaborate with team members in different locations.

Sage 300 is an Enterprise Management solution that enhances the tasks performed by conventional ERP systems.

It helps SMEs with:

  1. Finance
  2. Project management
  3. Inventory and operations
  4. Vendor management
  5. HR and payroll
  6. Sales, Marketing and Customer Service

This can be achieved remotely across multiple geographies without the complexity of transactions or operations.

Customise the ERP modules as your business grows

Every business has a growth plan and to match those goals, it is essential for every factor to evolve with it. With days, months and years getting added, there will be a need of setting up multiple things like multiple departments, hiring more resources, managing their salaries, growing your inventory, raising more invoices than before and managing the account receivables. Handling all of this manually can be pretty intimidating and time consuming. When there would be a need for you to focus on business development and creating strategies to drive in higher revenues, you might end up investing your time on things that could easily be managed with Sage 300.

Sage 300 encompasses power-packed features listed below:

  • Robust reporting: To maintain the overall business health, it is important to measure KPIs and that could be possible only when they are easily measurable and could be understood clearly. An interactive dashboard with top performers, monthly revenues, trends and other parameters you would like to measure can be executed.
  • Mobile access: Most of the BDMs are meeting prospects and need a complete product performance history, existing client testimonials or multiple other information to convert them into customers. The mobility feature offered by Sage 300 helps access data on the fly.
  • Multi-currency support: Most businesses have offices overseas and it becomes difficult to maintain the same level of operation for overall business productivity. With this feature, you can easily transact in different currencies.
  • Multi-language support: With business operations and transactions happening overseas it is bound that you will have to deal with different languages too. Fulfil orders on time, receive payments, manage inventory and analyse data even in foreign languages.
  • Custom fields: Every business has different goals and so will be the strategies. Sage 300 provides you customizable fields as per your requirement for optimum personalised experience and exact data collection.

Sage 300 lets you do multiple operations from a single integrated software that offers you customization and complete business productivity road map. Whether you are a single unit or 10 or more branches, Sage 300 can design custom solutions that can be easily blended with your business goals.

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