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From social networking to social distancing and to social networking again, lives have been transformed over the years. More and more internet users are using social networking apps to connect with their loved ones and friends. Long conversations over the phone have taken the form of interesting emoticons and small chats. Life has become much easier with social networks. To help people around the globe connect and earn while sharing their stuff, Sagoon Lite has become the buzzing app in town. Let’s explore this app and learn what’s there for you.

About Sagoon

Sagoon Lite is a social networking platform that was founded in 2013 by Govind Giri and Swati Dayal. This platform helps you socialize and earn rewards. This is only social networking site that helps you earn while you socialize. It comes with a slogan – Connect, Share and Earn. It has been evolving continuously and has come up with Sagoon Lite app.

Sagoon Lite is available on iOS and Android and has also got a web interface. At present is has over 5 million users in 145 countries in the world. Let’s explore the app.

Installing Sagoon Lite App

Download and install Sagoon Lite App on your Android/iOS device. Once the app has been installed, open it on your smartphone.

Now, click on the ‘Sign Up’ button. Fill in your details. Enter your mobile number, create a password, and enter the referral code if you have any. Tap on the ‘Sign Up’ button. You will be asked to verify your phone number. You need to enter the OTP that will come to your phone number and click on the ‘Verify’ button.

Once you have signed up for the app, you need to follow a minimum of three topics of your interest. If you have not verified your phone number on the previous step, you can verify it now to receive 1000 coins. You also need to fill details like ‘Name’, ‘Email’, ‘Birthday’, ‘Gender’ and upload your profile photo.

The best part is that you earn coins even for updating your profile.

After you have selected the topics, proceed with connecting with your friends.

Connect with Friends and Share Moments

Start connecting with people once you have logged in. Go to ‘My Circle’ and tap on ‘Access my Contacts’. You can even sync with the contacts on your phone and connect with people who are already on this app. You can even search for more people manually or invite them to join the app. For every invitee joining the app, you get 500 coins. So, invite more and more people to earn more coins.

Once you have connected with people, you can see their feed. You will also be able to view the feeds from the topics that you have selected in the starting while creating your profile. As the feeds are tailored as per your interests, this app is lot more fun.

You can even like, share or comment just like most of the social networking websites. Moreover, you can see the number of viewers on your posts. While uploading the post, you can post text on photos, images, videos from gallery or record a video and share it as well.

Going Anonymous

There is an option to post anonymously that will have a lot of people interested in. This feature will allow you to share thoughts, images and videos without having to be overly conscious about people judging you.

Earn and Redeem Rewards, and Transfer Coins

You need to activate Sagoon Social Smart Card to collect and transfer coins. You can even redeem or send gifts through it. From Foodmandu vouchers, Bhatbhateni Gift to QFX Movie tickets, Recharge cards and more, there are plenty of gifts you can easily redeem through this app.

Collect as many coins as you want and once you have collected 25000 smart coins, you can start redeeming the gifts. You can even send gifts and coins on special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays or festivals to make your loved ones feel special.

The Bottom Line

Sagoon Lite is a powerful social networking application that allows users to connect with people worldwide. Connect with your contacts, socialize and earn.

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