Guide on How to Rotate a Video with Movavi Video Editor


Movavi Video Editor is equipped with a standard rotating tool that can rotate the video by 90 degrees clockwise. The video rotation tool is useful when you record the video in the wrong orientation. Recording the video in the wrong orientation is a common mistake that people make when they are filming a scene with their smartphones. When the video is filmed in the wrong orientation, it will be difficult for the audience to watch it.

With Movavi Video Editor, you don’t have to be afraid of holding your phone in the wrong orientation while filming a scene. You may have changed the orientation of your smartphone back and forth from horizontal to vertical several times while filming the scene with the digital camera. Rotating the video to the right orientation is an easy task that does not require any professional skills in video editing. Movavi Video Editor features a sleek interface with the main video editing tools arranged in an organized way on the left side bar and the toolbar above the timeline panel.

If you want to rotate your video, you must first have it copy it over to your desktop from the camera folder of your digital camera. This will make it easier for you to load the video into the software. The next step is to download Movavi Video Editor from the Movavi site and launch it on your computer. When it is launched, you must either click the Add Media Files button to load the video or drag it directly to the video tracks row in the timeline. You must click the video to select it and then click on the rotate button in the toolbar above. Read more here.

The video will rotate in a clockwise method by 90 degrees each time you click on the rotate button. As you click the rotate button, you can watch the video rotate by 90 degrees on the preview screen. You can click on the rotate button until the video is rotated to the desired orientation. If the video has clips that are in more than one orientation, you can use the scissor tool to split the video and rotate each clip individually to the right orientation.

To split a video, you simply move the red marker to the area you want to split and click on the scissor button. You can preview the video to find the right spot for splitting it. You can click the play button on the video player to see if the video is playing in the preferred orientation after you have rotated it.

Finally, you must move your mouse over to the lower right corner and click the export button. This will bring up the save dialog box for you to save the video in your preferred movie format. The entire video rotation process usually just takes a few minutes to complete. If you have more than one videos to rotate, you must first save the video that you finish rotating before loading another video into the software to rotate it.

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