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[Root] Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i9082 with CWM Installation

(Last Updated On: April 24, 2013)

Now root galaxy grand Duos GT-i9082 with CWM Recovery installation. Samsung galaxy Grand is a newcomer amidst the prestigious galaxy series. It has come with amazing features as well as awesome hardware configuration. Samsung galaxy Grand has also been voted as the top selling smartphone in 2013 so far.

Recently one of my friends asked me to suggest a good Android phone so that he has to purchase. Within no time, I advised him to grab Galaxy Grand and he is extremely satisfied with the super cool smartphone. Thank God. Since Galaxy Grand is a new phone, I didn’t get any device on my hand to test drive it in order to try with the rooting procedures.

In fact, I may be getting one soon. So, here I explain how you can root and install latest ClockWorkMod along with it. Frankly saying, this method isn’t tested on my behalf but this cannot be wrong. Am I much confident? Yeah, I’m.

The rooting procedure has been invented and explained by a cute guy from XDA developers. So the chance of getting troublesome mode is less.

How to Install ClockWorkMod on Samsung galaxy grand Duos GT-i9082

Well, basically the rooting procedure is divided to 2 steps, installing CWM Recovery and getting rooting access from the installed CWM. So our first concern is to install the CWM Recovery prior to direct rooting.

Here we go. To proceed, you have to download 3 important files now.
1. Download ADB driver file from here

2. Download Recovery from here

3. Download latest Odin 3 from here

Fine. Assuming you’ve successfully downloaded those 3 files. Keep it in the desktop itself for faster access.

It’s time to enter into recovery mode. You may do the following procedure.

Turn off your device and go to odin
mode [ Vol down + power + home
button (simultaneously) ]. Release it when you see the logo. Now Press vol up to confirm.

Got it right? Connect your phone to PC via PC mode.   Now open Odin3 3.04 that you have downloaded.

Install ADB drivers and you might be in the Odin software now.

* Make sure the COM : xx (xx is usb
port number it can be any number.)
*Extract the CWM-touch_i9082_ !

*Now select PDA and browse to where you have extracted CWM touch_i9082_chotu.tar.md5 and
select it.

You may look at this screen shot to confirm

Click Start. Done, you’ve installed CWM Recovery in your Samsung Galaxy Grand without any glitch, haven’t you?

Now as the second part, we’ve to root our device.

How to Root Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT – i9082

Actually, CWM simplified our job. You can now root your device with the following procedure. It looks like installing a custom ROM. Believe me, it’s the simplest procedure.

1. Install Super SU update file from here

2. Switch your phone into Recovery mode by pressing home button + power button + volume down simultaneously.

3. Choose “Install ZIP from SD” by navigating with the volume up and down keys.

3. Scroll down and select UPDATE-SuperSU-

Hey buddy, where’s the party? You have rooted your device along with ClockWorkMod recovery.

Now install various exciting custom ROMs like CyanogenMod, AOKP etc to boost up your Grand to a “Grand” phone.

Also, you can request here via comments if you need any sort of ROMs. As per requests, I will be posting the ROMs for galaxy Grand then.

Don’t hesitate to ask any doubt/request to me, I’m younger than you and happy to help. 😀

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      • hey buddy i want to install cyanogen mode 12 in samsung galaxy grand gt-i9082..plz help me…actually i was i am not able to go in recovery mode..plz tel me how cn i go in recovery mode..

    • Thank you so much brother for reporting the results here. I’m glad to know that you have successfully rooted your rocking Grand Duos with us. Cheers.

  • Hey… just bought a galaxy grand… I have been searching for a rom since den bt couldnt find any… could u plz help wid dat???

    • You are lucky dude. I’ve planned to post CM series for grand duos. It will be kive here very soon. Thanks for commenting and subscribe the email newsletter to get all updates from us.

  • Dude, Installed CWM recovery. Odin said PASS!
    But, When I again go to Recovery mode. It loads normal android recovery not the CWM.
    What to do now ?
    reply ASAP !

    • Please wait while I check this. Many users have successfully rooted with CWM from here. So kindly re install it from scratch and comment if it’s still getting error.

    • Odin result pass When it is complete, tap on the “Go Back” option and then select “reboot system now” option from the main menu in recovery.
      As device shutdown and slightly vibrate device remove the battery immoderately before device boot and insert battery and Now go to Recovery mode by pressing Vol down + Home + Power Button together press long device will not boot but do not release any key and remove the battery again( by help other person if need) and again insert battery and Now go to Recovery mode by pressing Vol down + Home + Power Button together press and hold for the screen to turn ON. Soon you will see the Samsung logo blinks for two times, just release the Power button but keep the other two keys pressed till you see a list of options in Blue text on black background with Android robot.Now, from the main recovery menu, select “install zip from sdcard”
      I have done successful my Galaxy Grand root

  • Hello,
    I have some questions :
    1. Does this actually works?
    2. Are there are any risks?
    3. Can I unroot if it is rooted?
    4. The odin 3 download link is redirecting to s4 rooting page


    • Hi Sai, the rooting procedures that I post here are tested under my guidance or I’m witnessed the steps. That’s why I don’t post all rooting guides here, I know it’s easy to publish random posts about rooting even without seeing the phone. But here I keep your trust and you may go for the procedure. Thanks for commenting. Let me know if you’ve any other queries and I will be updating the link shortly. Thanks.

      • hi sid..i’ve a problem. root access is missing after rooted. device is success but when i check into root checker it saying no root access.then when i flash into cwm recovery it just show failed boot can i get root access me sid

  • used the above tutorial, passed in odin also but when entering to recovery mode i m not getting cmw recovery option, i m getting original android recovery option, tried 3 times but result is the same, please help.

      • I have installed and tried 5 times and counter also shows 5 count, but when entering recovery not able to find the CWM, I am getting original recovery screen from Android. Odin says passed but CWM is not installed it seems. I have read in different forum people have these problems but not getting the solution, u need to do something for us to resolve this issue. It seems the latest firmware is not letting CWM install. I am sharing few details of my phone, please check and reply soon with solution. The below information is from the section after entering Setting-> About device:

        Model Number – GT-I9082
        Android Version – 4.1.2
        Kernel Version – 3.0.31-1088096
        Build Number – JZ054K.I9082XXAMCD


          • Now I have by ready other forum, I have used below method, it seems on every restart Android reinstalling their original recovery and overwriting CWM Recovery, to avoid this I have followed below steps ( as per reference with other forum:
            Firstly, you need to copy FixRecovery Zip file and SuperSu file on SD Card, then you follow below steps.

            1. Flash CWM Recovery with Odin ( I have used 3.07) with selecting only option “F. Reset Time”
            2. After finishing the flash operation, do not reboot your phone, instead take out the battery directly from the phone.
            3. Restart the phone in Recovery mode ( Volume UP + Home + Power button ), you will definitely get the CWM Recovery.
            4. Select to install from SD and select the Fix Recovery Zip File you stored and install it, it will remove the action to reinstall original Recovery done on every Reboot.
            5. Go Back, Select to install SD once again and this time choose, Super SU and install.
            6. Reboot your phone and you have successfully rooted and installed CWM Recovery.

            Hope, it will help others.

            I have one point to understand, after installing SuperSu I am not getting SuperSu App icon in App drawer.

  • I followed your steps, I am stucked in the final steps where I should choose to install SuperSU from sd card. I can’t see this option in my phone. I’ve the up button to choose custom rom and down button to cancel. When I choose the up button I get nothing except the android logo + Downloading… + Do not turn off target !!

    Can any one please help?

    • Let me know where you actually struck at? Did you complete the whole procedure and missing the Super SU app or haven’t completed the rooting steps?

    • Ya , you can root without CWM recovery. But in order to use custom ROMs and many other tweaks, you must have any recovery like CWM or TWRP.

  • Hi. After rooting samsung grand i9082, can i enable 3g only mode, as this phone does’nt have Network Mode option in its setting. Thankz…

  • THANK YOU!!! @Chandan: April 24, 2013 at 3:43 pm

    You are BRILLIANT!!! My Grand Duous is finally rooted thanks to your steps!!! I can’t thank you enough!!!

  • hi
    i have trouble in install update zip
    E: failed to verify whole file signatore
    i trying by 4 version of update 1 / 1.05 / 1.25 / 1.30
    all version incoming his eror
    flashing by odin in step 1 is succesfully and ok
    plz help me
    my version 4.1.2 baseband-xxamc4

  • Thank u Chandan your steps and approach was spot on….i was having that cwm recovery prob b4 i saw that post but not ANYMMORE 😀

  • Hi
    I am using Samsung grand GT-i9082
    i have trouble in installing FILE RECOVERY as it gets stuck at about 1/4th so i stopped it.
    And when i tried to install Update It says-
    e: failed to verify whole-file signature
    e:signature verification failed
    flashing by odin in step 1 is completed and PASS is already received
    plz help me
    my version 4.1.2 baseband-xxxame4.
    Thanks in advance.

  • Hi Sir, I saw online posts about Cyanogen Mod and its cool features. I have installed CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar on my grand through Odon3, but when I choose, install Cyanogen from SD card, it says installation aborted (robot dies) . .please help

    • Try to install the normal version of CWM (rather than touch version) as it will be quite genuine and stable and then try to flash CyanogenMod

      • I have tried the normal version (Chotu.tar) as well as philz touch recovery and then chose install from zip, then selected the custom rom, it reboots and gets stuck at samsung logo..

    • Hey .. I dont want this crappy build. Kindly tell me how to install Cyanogen Mod11 on my just out of factory brand new I9082 Galaxy Grand. Thanks !!

      • Hi Mrittun,

        To install CyanogenMod, you have to flash the file either through CWM or TWRP. If you don’t like CWM, go through TWRP. Though, CWM is more easy to use.


  • I bought my gt i9082 samsung galaxy grand duos from iraq and i caNT PUT MY PHONE TO DOWNLOAD MODE .

  • Dear brother I have just purchased my Samsung gt-i9082. But my unlucky luck make me disappoint. It is now showing only it’s name “SAMSUNG GALAXY GRAND GT-9085” and remain freeze and freeze until I pull up the battery. It also shows recovery mode by pressing Vol-down+Home+Power. But I can not do anything by wiping factory data,wiping cash partition. But everything is gone in a vain. If you have a meaningful idea about it then please reply me in my email as soon as possible. The phone also cant take connect with PC. Please reply me, please.

  • Hi I got a problem , My Mobile Model Number – GT-I9082 Samsung Grand. Its not getting detected in any usb and screen is stuck., I tried to reset the package in manual mode. But trying all the steps i am getting signature failed when installing super su

  • when i go into to recovery mode . I dont have Install zip from Sdcard option ?

    what do i do >please help me . Odin part went good .nut SU part is still pending .

  • I have samsunggalaxygrand mobile used . I want root my phone.i download all 3 file and I installed the cmw recovery file by useing onion and the download is passsed than the mobile is restart that time I press the 3 batan but my restart it show no commend and I press the volume up batan and that I see updated into my sd card and I click that than its install but I have some error is coming . What can I do that time tell

    • Hi bro .. thanx for your guidance for rooting.

      I have rooted my Grand successfully. (With battery pulling method)

      Prblm is when m about flash custom rom it directly open in Android recovery instead of CWM recovery mode. I tried several times , I aslo install ROM manger but still it open in Android recovery mode only
      Do you have any solutions for it.

  • i have decided to install lollipop in my gt 19082, and it shows wipe cache partition error.
    and os ans Gapps not installing it shows signator error i done it 5 times……….help me plz

  • after everything is installed,
    before rebooting the phone, which option should i choose, because
    the options are like “yes- Disable recovery flash” or “no”?
    i’m getting confused.
    please help

  • And when i tried to install Update It says-
    e: failed to verify whole-file signature
    e:signature verification failed
    flashing by odin in step 1 is completed and PASS is already received


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