Root Google Pixel & Pixel XL with SuperSU – Systemless Root


The flagship devices by Google, Pixel and Pixel XL have managed to get systemless root by flashing SuperSU  2.78 SR2. If you’re owning Pixel or Pixel XL and want to root it without much fuss, you may follow this step by step guide. XDA geek Chainfire modified the SuperSU package to get SU access without making any modifications in the system partition. So this rooting guide helps you root Google Pixel & Pixel XL by fastbooting the SU images.


  • Unlock Pixel bootloader by downloading ADB Fastboot drivers [Link] and Google USB drivers [Link].
  • Unlocking bootloader may wipe all data in the phone storage. Backup your important data first.
  • Install Google USB drivers in your computer and extract the fastboot drivers to a folder in your PC.

How to Root Google Pixel & Pixel XL with SuperSu – Systemless Root

  1. After unlocking bootloader of your Pixel phone, download the rooting package from below links.
  2. Get root kit for Pixel [Get] and for Pixel XL [Get].
  3. Extract the respective package to a folder and get the “boot-to-root” file from it.
  4. Connect your Pixel phone to PC and enable USB debugging from Developer Options.
  5. Check whether your device is detected by computer by executing the following command. (Open command window inside the ADB folder by holding shift key and right clicking on an empty space).
  6. Execute “fastboot devices”
  7. If it returns a device info, then proceed to next step. Else re-install phone drivers in the computer.
  8. Now execute the following command to acquire root privilege in your Google Pixel and Pixel XL.

fastboot boot boot-to-root.img

For Google Pixel and XL version, the boot images are different and you may need to perform the fastbooting separately.root google pixel

After performing the fastboot command, the device will reboot itself for a couple of times. Don’t be panic. Once the device completes the reboot cycle, Google Pixel would have been rooted successfully. You may now detach the device from the computer.

After rooting Google Pixel and Pixel XL you can tweak your device by removing unnecessary apps, installing ad blockers, restore backed up files and lots more. Let me know whether you feel any difficulties while rooting Google Pixel phone with this method.

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