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[ROM] Download AOKP Android 4.2.2 for Samsung Galaxy Mini GT-5570

(Last Updated On: April 5, 2013)

It’s been very long time I made a post on AOKP ROM. Now taste the super cool features of AOKP ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Mini. The reason why I missed AOKP builds because I was busy with modifying my own ROM which is running on CyanogenMod.

Whenever we talk about custom ROMs for Android devices, especially for low and legacy devices, AOKP and CyanogenMod are the top choices we always opt for. Even though I’ve been using both ROMs on my different phones randomly, I still can’t decide which is better.

Since AOKP and CyanogenMod are competing for the same title, the perfect custom ROM, we are getting continuous releases with as many bug fixes as possible. We are very lucky to receive these updates instantly.

This time we are going to install AOKP custom ROM on your Samsung Galaxy Mini (a.k.a SGM) or Galmin. After seeing the release of AOKP in XDA forums, I immediately installed it on my Galmin for testing. Amazingly, most of the bugs are fixed so that I can call it as a “stable ROM” without any doubt.

The only bug I felt during the test drive was something at the boot up. But it didn’t appear after first reboot. So, shortly it’s a perfect highly customizable custom ROM for Galmin.

This ROM is developed by the Senior member of XDA Erickas, one of my best friends at XDA developers. Let’s look what changes does he made in this latest release.

Change Logs

* Implemented FM support, still
wip, NOT(!) operational yet.

* New kernel. Still 2.6.35, but
based on stock Samsung sources.

* Fixed battery stats

* Improved memory management
(Reintroduced. Based on an idea from Lagloose in Jellaxy.)

* Some extra ringtones

* Latest AOKP sources

It’s quite visible that Erickas has done a great job by tweaking most powerful features. Also hats off for least possible bugs.

Install AOKP Android 4.2.2 on Samsung Galaxy Mini

I assume that you’ve already rooted your Galmin. If so we can proceed further.

If you didn’t root your Galmin yet, check this How to Root Samsung Galaxy Mini / Pop ( GT 5570)


1. Only do the below procedures if your Android device is rooted already.
2. Always do a NANDROID backup
before applying any updates. So
move on to recovery options
> restore and backup > backup

3. After installing the ROM , you may sometimes struck at boot. Just reinsert the battery and switch on.

Installation Procedure

* Download and copy the ROM to
your SD Card.

* Reboot your phone to recovery by
pressing home button + power
buttons simultaneously.

*. Choose Install from SD Card by
navigating with volume keys.

* Choose the installed file from the
list .

*. After installation, wipe data, and
dalvik cache.

*. Reboot system.

Download AOKP Android 4.2.2 for Samsung Galaxy mini

That’s it. Do let me know if you had any difficulties while installation.

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