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[ROM] CyanogenMod 10.1 for Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos i9082/9082L

(Last Updated On: April 28, 2013)

CyanogenMod 10.1 is ready for Samsung Galaxy Grand i9082/i9082L variants. CM 10.1 for galaxy grand has been released a week ago but I couldn’t post it after the launch because I was in hell work with CyanogenMod team. As a developer, I was often asked this question ” When will CM release for xxxx” . Though it’s irritating sometimes, I still love that. Because, when I got my first android phone 1 year ago, I used to ask the same question to my seniors. Funny, isn’t it?

As you know, CyanogenMod (a.k.a CM) is a superior android development community which provides custom ROMs for demanding Android smartphones. The best part is that,  by installing CyanogenMod, you can taste super cool extra features in your phone that wouldn’t be available in the stock builds. Hence, its popularity. By the way, I had recently published an article on how to root Samsung Galaxy Grand and there, I got many requests for CM ROM for their devices.

When I searched on Google, I couldn’t find any link that pointing to the thread apart from the official XDA post. Sometimes it’s better to depend on other blogs rather than the dev thread. You might have experienced it many times before the difficulty in finding and understanding the languages that are being used in those geeky discussions.

My ultimate aim is to educate newbies to get benefits from basic rooting and ROM tutorials. Hence, as per my reader’s wish, I’m here to provide you the CyanogenMod ROM for your Samsung Galaxy Grand which supports i9082 and i9082L variants. According to me, CM is the best ROM for this device as it provides awesome features like better battery backup, snappy user interface, boot screen logo ect.

It’s time to install CyanogenMod 10.1 in your awesome Grand Duos. Shall we start?

STEP 1 : Root and Install CWM (ClockWorkMod) in Grand Duos i9082/9082L [Skip it if your phone has already rooted and installed CWM]

  • Download ADB drivers for your device. Get it HERE
  • Download CWM latest recovery from HERE
  • Download Odin Tool from HERE
  • Now switch off your phone and enter into Download Mode by pressing Vol down + power + home button simultaneously and leave the keys when you see the logo.
  • Now press Volume Up to confirm.
  • Make sure you have successfully connected to your PC. Then select the PDA option from the Odin and choose the downloaded CWM file. Chwck at below screenshot to get a rough idea how Odin screen looks like.
odin tutorial
odin tutorial


You have successfully installed CWM on your Grand Duos.

Common Troubleshooting : If any one is getting md5 hash value failed while flashing rename “CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar.md5  to “”CWM-touch_i9082_chotu.tar” (remove the .md5) and then flash it !

Rooting Galaxy Grand Duos after Installing CWM

  • Download Recover file (flash-able) from HERE
  • Download SuperSu file (flash-able) from Here
  • Copy both files to your SD-Card.
  • Power off your device and press vol up + power + home button. It will be entered into recovery mode. Now Select install zip from SD-Card and select the recovery file and flash.
  • Now repeat the above step by flashing downloaded SuperSu ( and restart your phone.

C’mon man, you are done. You have successfully rooted your phone with ClockWorkMod installation. Now we can install CyanogenMod 10.1 in your Samsung Galaxy Grand.

Installing CyanogenMod 10.1 in Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos [Rooted users can directly enter to this step]

  • Take Nandroid backup possibly (Recommended if you are a newbie)
  • Download CM 10.1 from here and Google Apps from Here
  • Now flash the files as mentioned in the above step respectively ( first CM then Gapps)
  • Done. Have a blast. 😀
  • Wipe data and cache if you are coming from any other ROMs (ie, stock)

Known Bugs in this Build

  • Only the primary SIM slot works
  • Landscape does not display properly (workaround: Disable HW overlays in Developer Options)
  • FM Radio does not work
  • Strange behavior when SIM PIN lock is used

Credits : xda

Enjoy the power of CyanogenMod in your beloved Samsung Galaxy Grand and please do let me know if you got any trouble, it’s okay. I’m here. :D. Don’t forget to share and share your experience with us via comments.

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