The Role of Robotics in Improving Logistics and Supply Chain Efficiency


Robotics and drone aircraft present a silver bullet against the mammoth challenges to the efficiency of the global supply chain. From world-renowned retail giants like Walmart, Amazon, and Schwarz to manufacturing coys, robotics is poised to redefine manufacturing and the global supply chain.

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What is Robotics?

Robotics refer to the branch of computer science and technology that deals exclusively with robots’ construction, design, and operation. Beyond the human replacement rhetorics, robots are indispensable in a hazardous environment to human health.

Robotics logistics is the application of robots to the logistic processes, which typically include warehousing, inventory management, ordering and packaging. Logistics is a vital component of the production process as it largely determines how and when goods reach the final consumers. Here are the critical roles of robotics in improving logistics and supply chain efficiency.

1. Improves workers’ safety

Applying robotics in the logistic and supply chain industry is efficient safety measures against work-related accidents. They reduce lifting injuries caused by physical fatigue and minimize falls from high levels, among other benefits.

2. Cost efficiency

While advanced robots may be quite expensive to acquire, they are cost-efficient in the long run. They reduce human error and its disastrous effect, guarantee labour stability, and ultimately increase workers’ productivity.

3. Increase accuracy and productivity

Increased accuracy is one of the perks of utilizing robots in logistic and supply chain management. Powered by artificial intelligence, robots can make accurate decisions in seconds, thus eliminating missteps, wasted steps, mis picks, and mispacks which invariably increase output. Workers need not traverse the warehouse to pick inventory as they can control robots equipped with the ability to take orders.

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