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The internet has changed the way people connect with each other. Communication has never been easier ever since the telephone was invented. Now, people talk more using several messengers, texting services, and social media applications. You can say it’s all thanks to these apps, but the root of this revolutionary advancement in the way people connect is direct because of the internet, wifi, or ethernet.

However, it’s not just miscommunication and the turtle-speed of telegrams that have been given a solution. There are almost 5 billion active internet users (read more) around the world as of January 2021. By now, it must have doubled or tripled due to the ongoing Quarantine, stay-at-home jobs, and transactions that happen through the internet. Because of the early 2020 pandemic that happened, more and more people now go on the internet-related for several different and essential reasons.

How to Get the Best Internet Speed for Gaming?

We’d bet you’re also one of these people currently using either your wifi or cell phone data to surf the internet. Can you imagine not having a connection for a day or two? We think not! Sometimes, even if you do have an ethernet, there are “dead spots” around your property that the connection doesn’t cover.

It may be beside the pool, upstairs in the attic, or even down in the basement. This is where Ethernet extenders help you out in a jiffy. Find out below how this simple mechanism can assist you in bringing your wifi anywhere.

What Is An Ethernet Extender?

An Extender is a device that allows you to spread the scope of your internet connection. Ethernet basically only reaches 100 meters (or 330 ft.) which sometimes poses a problem for businesses that don’t want to apply for another ethernet. An Extender benefits domestic wifi and those who run businesses that need their wifi to reach several floors, up and down.

Extenders changed the game for those who use the internet for their own agenda. Companies like Enable-IT have looked into the problems with distance for many customers and decided to start making these extenders to cater to those dead spots inside a home or building. If you’re debating on getting one yourself, below are a few reasons why you should do it.

The Difference Between A Wifi Booster, Extender, And Repeater

These three devices share one similarity—and that’s improving the scope and coverage of your wifi connection. The differences between the trio are small and inconsequential, but it’s known that Repeaters and Boosters can suffer from interference by other electronic devices, such as stereos, microwaves, Bluetooth, etc., while extenders are more stable in giving you connection.

Wifi Extenders work by replicating a preexisting connection instead of making a new network to connect in, which does little to none in affecting the bandwidth.

Reasons To Get A Wifi Extender

1. There Are Inevitable “Dead Spots” Inside Your Building Or Home

Dead spots or dead zones are areas that the ethernet can’t cover in terms of a strong, stable internet connection. It’s also the area where there’s definitely no internet existing despite turning on the wifi the whole time. The hassle about these zones is their appearance in random spots. They may incidentally be your child’s bedroom or the manager’s office, where wifi is almost always needed.

Sometimes, architecturally, some features of the building can interfere with the connection. Walls, roofs, thick furniture, and even your door can be an interference. Therefore, it’s important to place the router at an advantageous point. For example, placing the router near the rooftop or at one side of the house can impact the stability of the connection. Therefore, the router on a central placement can give equal bandwidth and connection stability to all appliances using it.

And getting an Extender will make sure to reach even those dead spots and provide connection to that area as well.

2. Slow Internet

For a large area with just one ethernet, it’s inevitable to have buffering YouTube or 2 bars of wifi, max. This can be annoying when important work gets interfered with, which is why extenders can be a great alternative.

3. Faster Connection

Connected to the previous item, an Extender won’t just give a solution to your slow speed or zones that have no connection but can actually speed it up. You don’t need to change your ethernet to chase after an ISP offering supposedly “faster” speeds and higher Mbp/s. By having an Extender, it’s easy to install a Booster as well, which can act faster as if you had two routers with both of their speeds stacked. Boosters and extenders with features such as dual bandwidth can be capable of this.

4. Your Area Is Large

Large families, large homes. For an average American family, it’s normal to have at least four different rooms, with the 1st floor built to have the living room, kitchen, bathroom, and guest room (link: https://www.thepinnaclelist.com/articles/what-average-house-size-united-states/). This doesn’t count the garage, pool, backyard, and front lawn. In conclusion, your area will be ultimately too large for a single ethernet to reach. Your tendency is to buy another one to cover one side the 1st device doesn’t cover.

The reality is, even with two ethernets (and double the bills), there are still areas it can’t reach. One hundred meters is the maximum it can go, but by installing an ethernet extender, you can be sure you’re both saving money from bills and surrounding more areas with stable connections.

5. Outdoor Wifi Is A Choice

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Ever wanted to scroll through Facebook while lazing around beside your pool or by your front porch? With an Extender, that’s easily done like never before. You can easily listen to music while mowing the lawn or work on your schoolwork while playing with your dog in the backyard. Distance and freedom are what this device offers the most.

Should You Get It?

There’s no possible con that can outweigh the pros of getting this device. It’s cost-effective, efficient, durable, and the whole family, company, and group can benefit from it. Starting today, choose to have an internet connection right at your fingertips, even from far away.