People go crazy with the updated features in iPhone. Apple has fulfilled the dreams of many by launching feature-rich gadgets. With the new versions of iPhones and their updated iOS, many beneficial features are available to the users. People prefer the quick, easy and user-friendly interface to share the data to and from the iPhones and iPads.

Earlier iPhone users found it hard to transfer files from their device. This problem is now steadily solved by adding exceptional features in sharing and media management. IOTransfer 3 is a simple iPhone/iPad/iPod file transfer and management tool. It can also be used as a powerful video downloader and converter. Importing, exporting and deleting contents are made easy with the introduction of IOTransfer 3 software.

IOTransfer 3 provides a one-click solution to effortlessly transfer photos, music, videos, and contacts from your iOS device to PC. This iPhone transfer software available for Windows is intended to manage the data on all iOS devices in the easiest way possible. IOTransfer 3 is capable of transferring data between iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. Managing voice memos from iPad is also allowed. IOTransfer 3 is compatible with Windows 10, Windows 8/8.1, and Windows 7 operating systems.

Features of IOTransfer 3

  • The AIR-TRANS feature uses WiFi Direct technology, which allows performing a quick wireless transfer of photos, videos, and other files between iOS device and PC on the same local network.
  • YouTube videos can be easily downloaded with the help of ‘YouTube video downloader’ option in IOTransfer 3. HD-quality songs, movies, and videos can be transferred easily from the iPhone to the personal computer. The video quality may be chosen according to the need and it supports various formats.
  • Video converter tool is a newly added feature. It allows users to convert the downloaded online videos and existing videos to different audio and video formats including MP4, AVI, MKV, FLV, MP3 and more. The uniqueness of this converter is the compressing capability to save space while it does not compromise quality.
  • Photos captured using an iPhone are of good quality even under poor light conditions. These photos can be stored as special memories in the computer using IOTransfer 3 as the iPhone transfer manager.
  • Music files can be transferred easily from iPod/iPhone to the Windows PC. IOTransfer 3 permits moving music files between iOS devices in a short span of time easily.
  • IOTransfer 3 cleans the iPhone easily and deletes all the unnecessary and junk files, so there is no need to install another software to optimize the phone storage.
  • IOTransfer 3 is used as a content backup tool for iOS device users. Backup of iPhone data and contacts are easier than ever. Photos, videos, eBooks, and podcasts can also be copied to a PC.
  • IOTransfer 3 supports more than 14 languages to serve the global audience of Apple.

Installing and using IOTransfer 3 software

  • Download IOTransfer 3 software and complete the installation process. Launch the software and connect the iOS device using a USB cable or via Wi-Fi.

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  • The home screen displays the number of files in the iOS. These files are divided and displayed as photos, music, videos, and contacts. Clicking on the photo icon displays a preview of the photos present in the device. To transfer to the personal computer, click ‘Transfer to PC’ icon. You can notice the storage details and the available free space on the left pane of the home screen.

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  • ‘Manage’ tab functions like a typical file manager allowing to preview, delete and copy files. Provisions to export the multimedia files, iBooks, and podcasts from the iOS devices to the PC are available. Unwanted applications and folders can also be deleted.

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  • The ‘clean’ tab displays the number of junk or cache files present in the device and the space it occupies. Clicking on ‘clean my iPhone’ button initiates the deletion of unnecessary data.

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  • In the ‘video’ tab, options for downloading the video and converting videos from one format to another is available. IOTransfer 3 allows downloading videos from many social media platforms directly to the PC. Converting option allows the user to convert the downloaded video to a format that can be used in the iOS. This feature makes IOTransfer 3 to stand out from its competitors.

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  • ‘Air-Trans’ tab enables wireless transfer of the files between the connected devices. Installation of IOTransfer 3 on both the PC and the mobile device is mandatory. Clicking on ‘Start Transfer’ allows the files to be transferred without any wired connection.

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  • The ‘Tools’ tab displays the option to easily download photos and videos directly from Instagram. Information about the tools which are under development is also available.

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IOTransfer 3 has a unique user interface, which is intuitive and easier for operation. It also supports iOS 12. IOTransfer 3 provides easy synchronization of iOS feasible and helps the Apple users worldwide to manage and transfer their data easily.