How to Update Redmi 4X to MIUI Global Stable ROM


The latest MIUI global stable ROM (NAMMIEK) for Redmi 4x has just been pushed out to few users via OTA and in order to perform the Redmi 4x MIUI 9 update, you need to check the Device Updater app included in the phone. If that doesn’t show any updates, you can manually download and update the same using the stable recovery ROM.

Recovery ROM lets you install the latest MIUI on Redmi 4x with the help of stock recovery via the Updater app. This is in fact, the safest and recommended way to update the device. However, the fastboot ROM requires a computer access along with certain flashing applications installed to proceed with the upgrade. I will be explaining both methods but make sure that you have taken necessary precautions before that.

Special Note – Redmi 4 has three variants: Redmi 4 (Prada), Redmi 4X (Santoni) and Redmi 4 Pro (markw). This particular update is meant for the Redmi 4X (Indian variant) and you’re not supposed to flash this on similar devices.

Redmi 4x MIUI Global Stable ROM Update

Recovery ROM Method

  1. Download MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi 4x ( from here and copy it the root of your internal storage.
  2. Now rename the ROM zip to and open the Updater app on your device.
  3. Tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘Choose update package‘.download miui 8.5 global stable rom
  4. It will open up the explorer. Just select the file you renamed and let the updater verify the ROM.
  5. Once the verification is done, you will be asked to reboot to recovery. Proceed with that and the phone will install the ROM package in the recovery.
  6. Once it completes the installation, the device will reboot to the system automatically. Enjoy the stable update.

Fastboot Method

  1. Download Mi flash tool from here and the fastboot ROM from here.
  2. Turn off the device. Press the Vol– key and the Power button at the same time to enter Fastboot mode. Then connect the device to the Windows PC/laptop via a micro USB cable.
  3. Double click on the downloaded fastboot ROM (santoni_global_images_V9.2.5.0.NAMMIEK_20180206.0000.00_7.1_global_14823d3822.tgz) file to decompress it. Open the file folder for the decompressed ROM pack, and copy its path on the computer.
  4. Decompress the MI flash tool downloaded in Step 1, and double-click on it to install. After installation is completed, open MiFlash.exe and paste into the address bar the ROM file folder path copied in the last step.
  5. Click on the first button (circled out in yellow) to Refresh, and MiFlash should automatically recognize the device. Then click the second button (circled out in red) to flash the ROM file to the device.

Wait until the progress bar inside MiFlash turns fully green, which means the ROM has been successfully installed. Then your device should automatically boot to the new version.


Download MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi 4X from the above links and do as exactly as mentioned on the page. In case you feel any difficulty while downloading and installing MIUI on Redmi 4X, let us know via comments. We’re very responsive to comments.

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