5 Reasons Why Your SEO Strategy Might Be Failing


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Everyone knows that having a successful business requires being visible on Google. This is where customers go to find products they want, as well as services to use. If you do not appear in the top three results, you are going to have difficulty standing out from competitors and getting customers interested in your business.

So, this means that you need an SEO strategy. We are talking about one for the long-term and that you are consistent with. This is the only way you are going to achieve results and become visible online.

But, say you do have an SEO strategy and you do not see results when it comes to moving up the rankings. What is going wrong and how can you fix it? Well, here are five reasons that might explain why your SEO strategy is failing.

You Are Not Being Specific

When people are learning about SEO, they make the mistake of learning about it generally. In other words, they do not learn about strategies that are specific to their industry or the type of website they have. For example, if you have an eCommerce store, your SEO strategy is going to be different from a blog that wants to attract visitors. You need people to be interested enough to buy.

Consequently, your SEO strategy might be failing because you are not being specific enough. Indeed, search engine optimisation can be tricky to learn and it can take a while to understand. That is why a lot of people turn to SEO services. For instance, check out https://www.clickslice.co.uk/ecommerce-seo-services/ if you need support with your eCommerce store.

You Are Rushing Content

If you are only creating content to insert keywords and phrases, then you are doing it wrong. In fact, this is not how you are going to achieve the ranking you want with your website. While it can feel like a shortcut and the way to get what you want, it can actually do the opposite. Google wants to see websites creating researched and high-quality content. Not short, rushed and keyword-stuffed content.

So, now is the time to change your strategy. In other words, you need to put more time and effort into creating content. Even if this means that you produce less, the focus should be on creating content that is interesting, authoritative and relevant. This is what Google is going to prioritise and this can help you to improve your ranking in a more natural and sustainable way.

You Are Only Using Competitive Keywords

Keywords are still part of any good SEO strategy. They should be included in website titles, pages and general content. But, a lot of research has to be done to find the right keywords to target. It is not just a case of choosing general words and phrases. Simply, they are too competitive and you are creating a hard task to try to rank high with other similar businesses out there. This could be why you do not see results.

Instead, you want to be strategic with the keywords you use. In other words, look for relevant but low-competition keywords. This way, you can push your website to the right audience but without so many other businesses competing against you.

You Are Not Paying Attention to Page Loading Times

Do you know how long it takes to load a page on your website? If the answer is no, this could be why you are failing to rank highly on Google. Your site could be taking too much time to load and this is affecting your visitors, as well as your ranking. Indeed, Google has said that this is a factor they are taking into consideration.

Therefore, you need to keep an eye on your page load speeds. If they are slow, you need to work on how to improve this. This way, visitors will stay on your site and Google will start to take you seriously and improve your ranking.

Your Backlinks are Low-Quality

Perhaps you already know that backlinks are good to help you rank. Indeed, it can improve your reputation on the internet and move you up on Google. Think about backlinks as a personal recommendation that people will notice. But this is only true if backlinks are built correctly.

So, one of the reasons why your backlinks might not be doing you any good is because they are classed as being low-quality. In other words, your links are coming from a website that is non-trustworthy and not authoritative. So, what could be happening is that your ranking could be declining. Instead, you need to focus on getting quality backlinks which are from reputable ad high domain authority sites.


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