Why Your Business Need An Enterprise Mobile App? Key Reasons And Benefits To Consider


In the present scenario, there are mobile apps for almost everything – from sports to politics, entertainment to the news that offers business quick-fix to companies. And, undeniably, the last type of application is often referred to as an “enterprise app”.

The mobile apps for businesses are often meant to upsurge worker productivity, leverage big data and help streamline the efficiency of the business process.

Unlike consumer apps – like social media apps, e-commerce apps, gaming apps – enterprise apps don’t shed light on the demands of individuals but the specific requirements of a business.

Moreover, today mobile apps are a notable aspect and are often used to extract any relevant information. That is the core reason how the enterprise can speed up their flow of data and information and simultaneously fuel business growth by partnering with the right mobile app development company.

Earlier, the digital transformation of flourished names used to be associated with enterprise software like CRM applications or ERP systems – the heavy software only compatible with laptops, probably with daunting UX and UI.

But, in 2020 the “Business World Is Dynamic and Robust in Terms Of Change”.

As employees are pivotal for any organization, so they should also be highly mobile to instantly retrieve information, communicate, and implement changes to the database. And, to make this a reality, “enterprise mobile apps” can be used for such processes as customer service, sales, messaging and collaboration, field service, and many more scenarios.

So, the companies that want to abreast the cut-throat competition should think about enterprise apps development.

Is “Why” the question you are wondering about?

Enterprise apps hold the potential to be a source of competitive advantage in the nearest foreseeable future. And, all thanks to leading app development company to fuel business growth with a good grasp on the most talked benefits of enterprise app development.

Let’s take a closer look.

Key- Reasons why Enterprises build Mobile Apps

The basic reason for enterprise apps is often designed to integrate with other apps used by organizations and are created to be worked and accessed by different networks.

  • Achieve greater ROI

The biggest yet significant reason companies are investing in mobility is to accomplish an outstanding return on investment (ROI). As per VMware’s Digital Workspace report, firms across the distinctive dimensions of industries have started investing in mobility generating an average ROI of 150%.

As you might be knowing, while selling a commercial mobile app to customers – ROI is generated from premium versions, gamification aspects, etc. Whereas, the ROI of enterprise apps comes in the form of increased productivity and efficiency.

  • Effortless Accessibility

Just imagine you are heading to meet a potential client and suddenly realize you left your essential presentation, how would you access the performance at that instant of time if you are not in the arms stretch of your office?

A “Mobile Enterprise App” comes to the rescue.

So, hire app developers that are proficient in their field to help with your enterprise app. It will help you access your data anywhere and anytime.

Whether it’s a sales transaction, a presentation or client information, you can access and even work on the data while commuting or being stuck in a traffic jam.

  • Achieving A Competitive Advantage Via Innovation

Big companies often struggle to match pace with the ever-changing market. They strive to stay innovative, but the real demur is from the startups. As, they hold the capabilities to beat them in the innovation race, in comparison to large companies being held back by very structured policies and procedures.

That’s why small and agile companies are becoming a driving force for significant market changes. They build new services and products at a faster pace. They quickly test and swiftly implement innovative ways of interacting with clients.

The real threat is to the legacy companies. However, the solution is creating internal startups within big companies to stay abreast of the competition.

The example that fits the picture is “Expedia” – a global travel technology company. It commenced as a part of Microsoft in 1996 and was an internet testimony by the giant from Redmond. In 1999, it turned as an independent company and evolved ever since.

As a surprise, Expedia even started internal startups of its own like Trivago, Tripadvisor, and Hotels.com.

Heard about Sony?

Sony also has its own innovation program known as Sony Startup Accelerator Program. It began in 2014, intending to motivate innovation and risk-taking among employees. By now, 34 ideas incubated, and 14 among them have already become new businesses.

You must be thinking, what’s the role of a mobile enterprise app in the field of the innovative corporate initiative?

They can be used to build a community of innovators inside the organization, facilitate essential topics and discussions, and be a platform for fresh crowdsourcing ideas.

Thus, make sure to align with reputable yet experienced iOS and Android app development company who help with the applications developed during such programs or even as tools for internal use can also be augmented into separate businesses, the same way slack and TripAdvisor did.

  • Improvised Process Efficiency

Big organizations and small enterprises focus on being lean, which means cutting of wasteful process to improve efficiency. To be a truly lean organization, it’s crucial to analyze the way you are doing business and find practices that can be optimized.

To have a better understanding, what fits best than a mobile enterprise app to have an insight into the company’s workflow. Even, you can metric the time team members devote to a particular task. You can establish what resources are required to complete KPI’s you have already set for the organization and which are reluctant.

Undeniably, a mobile enterprise app is an ideal way to start the research process as they pocket a lot of different and helpful data. Such applications offer a piece of real-time information as well. It is considered as a powerful tool for accomplishing lean management in the organization.

  • Reaching New Target Groups

Undeniably, mobile enterprise apps for external purposes are exclusive use. Firms can use them as a communication channel with users as well as clients. While a prominent majority of the internet is conquered through mobile apps, it’s essential to offer fresh and new content with relevant clients. Well-designed apps can attract user engagement and loyalty.

Loreal is an excellent example of using a plentiful of mobile apps to get in touch with customers and increase user engagement. The company has accomplished Modiface – a provider of Augmented reality and Artificial Intelligence solutions applied to the health and beauty industry.

Also, the company has integrated Modiface technology in two mobile apps – Style My Hair and MySkin Track. Users of the first app can look, and what hair colour and hairstyle will suit them, thanks to the 3D modeling technique while the other app uses Artificial Intelligence for analyzing skin.

Loreal provides it’s a stakeholder with a mobile app to keep them updated about the organization’s financial results.

  • Provide Better Access To data & Information

Business intelligence solutions can be spun off into a mobile enterprise app. Even, many business leaders are ditching their traditional laptops for smartphones and expect that business software development will follow the changes in their nature of work.

Analytics-Based and Data-Infused business intelligence mobile app inform enterprise executives of marketing opportunities or inefficiencies that can be addressed. Such kind of solutions proves to be very beneficial in the different dimension of industry like – E-commerce, manufacturing, retail, and other various sectors.

By aligning with the reputed iPhone app development company, the enterprise mobile application is turning the new interface for big data also. Corporations and small organizations collect various types of information and are striving to translate the data they collect into useful tools in decision-making processes.

Don’t forget, an app installed on a device that is always in your pocket can be a turning point for your business growth as well as helpful in managing your enterprises.

After all, what matters to the most is that big data is not just about data, but about business.

Now, A Quick Revision For “Enterprise Mobile App Evolution”

The six ideas enterprise mobile apps can accelerate the business growth mentioned above are genuinely compelling, but as a matter of fact, the big company struggle in partnering with the right Android and iOS app development company.

Even, according to Gartner’s research, only 32% of organizations undertaking mobile app development only customize for mobile-first. What comes more worst, new apps build by enterprises haven’t massively affected the digital transformation processes.

And to do so, all you need to do is hire an iOS app developer and align with their experience and knowledge to craft and curate their nook in the dynamically changing arena. It is far more important to find the right app development company that provides the industry required development solutions, right from process analysis to execution.

And, what’s best than starting with a Free Experts Estimation.

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