The iPhone 6 and iWatch are two highly anticipated Apple products that have device die-hards waiting on the edge of their seats for release. However, both products have apparently hit a variety of snags that could delay their release dates. Keep reading to learn about the reasons behind these delays, and what they could mean for release dates.

 Thinner is Better

It is rumored that one reason the iPhone 6 might be delayed is that Apple is endeavoring to make the iPhone 6 thinner than the previous model. The previous iPhone was 7.6 millimeter thick, but recently leaked photos of the new iPhone appear as though Apple wants to shave a millimeter or even two off the model. In trying for a new, thinner iPhone, Apple initially tried to go with only one backlight layer instead of the usual two. That led to a display that was too dim and Apple was forced to return to the drawing board to find another way to make the phone thinner.

 Hiring Frenzy

The iWatch has reportedly hit a delay snag because of a host of general glitches. In order to address the glitches, Apple went on a hiring frenzy to get more people working on the problems. It turns out that the iWatch is difficult to produce and Apple did not have enough workers initially. The iWatch is already expected to be pushed back to 2015, as opposed to the earlier release in fall 2014.

Supply Chain

Somewhat related to the thinness issue, another report claims that supplies for the new iPhone are hard to come by. One specific report said that Apple’s suppliers were having a difficult time finding batteries thin enough to fit the new slim smartphone. Another supply chain issue is that apparently Apple’s supplier could not provide enough screens for the amount of phones produced.

 Testing, Testing

Another reason for the potentially long delay of the iWatch is that Apple is busily testing the various features in a variety of places. The iWatch is expected to have several sports-oriented features, including a rumored sweat sensor. Apple has been in touch with star athletes from the MLB, NFL, NBA and more to test some of these features. They are also rumored to be recruiting health outfits to test exercise features.

Both products, regardless of delay, are highly anticipated and rumors continue to fly about the features and release dates. Industry experts expect Apple to at least reveal the iPhone 6 in September, but if any more unexpected delays arise, it could push the release date back even further. The information for this article was provided by the Apple experts at, who allow customers to trade in iPhones that are outdated or broken.


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