Recently I was evaluating different ad networks for one of my blogs to test and evaluated multiple networks. Some of those worked great while a few didn’t work for me. One of the ad networks which pulled my attention is Push.House. And in this post, we are going to talk about the review of this network.

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There are many reasons why I liked this network and some of those are below-

  • Better CPC
  • Global audience
  • Relevant ads
  • User-friendly
  • On-time payment and more

Let’s talk about all these in detail and understand if this is a right fit for you as well.


Started in 2018 from Slovakia, Push House offers push ads to all the subscribers. Currently, the network is serving 25+ million clicks every day to 700+ million subscribers. Push House is one of the early advertising networks which tried push ads and has been successful in delivering the demand.

So, if you are having good subscribers to your blog or website and want to earn more from it, it’s time to get started with Push House. Let’s talk about how the network benefits the publishers and how you can join them.

Push House for Publishers

As said above, the network offers great advantages for publishers by monetizing their traffic and subscribers. It is definitely new compared to other modes of the ad but has made an impressive presence in the market. Currently, the network is having the ad and sites across 180+ countries and almost covers the globe.

Joining the push house network is very easy and is completely free. Just follow the below steps and monetize your traffic and subscribers.

  1. Register to Push.House and join the network. You just need to submit a few basic information and you’re done.
  2. Once you’re in the network, the next step would be to add your site to the push house network. You can specify the type of traffic to target.
  3. Further, you can generate the tracking link for your site and copy it. The next step would be to place it on your site in order to verify your site.
  4. Once all these steps are done, you will start making money. It’s that simple as it sounds to be.

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Benefits for publishers

Here are some benefits for the publishers-

  • Global Reach
  • Working closely with the leaders of the Push advertising network industry.
  • The network supports RTB
  • Access to Live Statistics and 24/7 customer support
  • Get paid instantly on every Push subscription made

Push House for Advertisers

If you’re an advertiser and would like to reach a global audience then also Push House is for you. Within the budget, you can reach thousands of users globally with better conversion. To join the network as an advertiser also, follow the below steps and get it done-

  1. Signup to the network and login to the dashboard
  2. Use text and images to create the ad copy
  3. Configure the ad copy- set the geo-location, daily budget, campaign budget, number of clicks, and more.
  4. You should also schedule the ad campaign a/c to your need.
  5. Once done, make your ad live and start tracking.

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Benefits for advertisers

Following are some of the major benefits for advertisers-

  • Complete brand Safety and high CR/CTR
  • Higher Volume and simple Moderation
  • 24/7 availability of personal manager
  • Covers worldwide GEO


This was my experience working with Push House. If you are also looking to earn more from your existing traffic and subscribers, it’s time to sign up for free and start monetization.