PureVPN Review – How to Get Past Internet Censorship in Australia


Like most people, Australians too love to stream amazing content on the internet. We all love streaming our favorite movies and TV shows on our spare weekends. Streaming our favorite content is the best way to relax after a hard day at work.

But while streaming amazing content is your favorite hobby, you won’t be happy to learn that some of the best streaming websites are not even available in Australia. This means that you can’t access some popular streaming services such as HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and more from Australia.

Even the services that that accessible from Australia are actually toned down versions of the streaming channel. For example, Netflix is available in Australia. And though it is an amazing streaming service in America, it is totally toned down if you access it from Australia. The Australian library offers a very small percentage of content that a person can stream in the American version of Netflix.

Fortunately, there is a way to sidestep this situation. And that way is to use a Virtual Private Network, also referred to as a VPN. VPN is an amazing tool that lets you access any content at your location regardless of any restrictions in place. You can easily bypass internet censorships in Australia with the help of a VPN. More details on this shall be shared below.

Content Restrictions on the Web

Much to our annoyance, there exist plenty of online restrictions on the internet. Some of these restrictions are a result of online censorships. These are usually enforced by governments who don’t want their populations to enjoy complete freedom on the web. Thankfully, Australians don’t have to suffer from online censorships.

But there is another type of censorship, which is a result of copyright control. But how does this copyright system works? Allow me to explain.

Whenever a production service releases any content, that is a movie or a TV show, they expect to make the most money out of that piece of content. The best and easiest way to make money out of their content is to let different streaming channels license their content and run it on their channels. These licenses are usually sold at a pretty large sum.

More often than not, these licenses are sold to different streaming services. And instead of one full license that allows these channels to stream content all over the globe, what producers do instead is to sell geo-licenses that only allow them to stream their content in some regions only.

This is beneficial to both streaming services as well as production companies. Because most streaming services are only available in certain regions, it makes no sense for them to buy a worldwide license. Instead, these services buy a geo-license for their own region only. This method also allows production companies to make the most money out of their content by selling many different geo-licenses.

What Does a VPN Do?

A VPN is very helpful in avoiding content restrictions on the internet. What a VPN does is that it allows you to change your IP address from your own location to that of the VPN server’s. Because VPN services have servers around the globe, this method helps users to change their IP location with ease.

Because websites and streaming channels depend on your IP address to judge your actual physical location, you can trick these websites and channels into thinking that you actually live somewhere else instead of your actual location. Depending on the VPN server you’re connected to, you can just about access any website or streaming channel you want to on the internet.

Depending on the VPN service you use, you can avoid all kinds of censorships and online restrictions in Australia. Choosing the right VPN service is important in this case. The VPN service you choose has to have servers all around the globe that are able to access your favorite streaming channels. And these servers have to be completely optimized so that you enjoy the fastest speeds on the internet and avoid buffering.

In this scenario, my vote goes to PureVPN. This is because I was totally satisfied while doing PureVPN Australia review.

Why PureVPN is the best VPN for Australia?

As mentioned, my PureVPN Australia review went better than I expected. The reason is that the VPN service offers some very amazing features to its audience.

PureVPN offers access to almost any website on the internet. The service has got over 2,000 servers in 140 countries. This means that you can access just about any website in all of these 140 countries with complete ease.

With PureVPN, users can avoid all kinds of censorships and enjoy access to their favorite streaming websites including Amazon Prime, Hulu, HBO Now, and more. Furthermore, PureVPN is one of the few VPN services that offer access to the American version of Netflix. This means that you can access US Netflix in Australia with complete ease.

PureVPN servers are also completely optimized to offer the best streaming experience. PureVPN is the fastest VPN in Australia because of optimized servers and amazing in-app features.

PureVPN has also got a VPN server in Australia. This means that any Australians who travel abroad for work or fun can continue to access their favorite local websites and streaming channels with ease regardless of their location.

Therefore, it is safe to say that PureVPN is definitely the best VPN service for Australia.

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