5 Proven Ways to Create High Quality Backlinks



The ultimate goal is to generate a high volume of search traffic but there is always a fine line between quantity and quality.

It will help greatly if you use one of the best link building services so that you increase your chances of creating the sort of high-quality backlinks that potentially increase sales and raise awareness of your brand.

Top-quality backlinks pointing to your site will improve your search rankings. How do you create those high-quality backlinks? Here are some strategies to consider.

Guest posting still ticks all the right boxes

Too many so-called industry experts have called the death of guest posting as a strategy and they have all been shown to be spectacularly wrong. There are lots of very influential bloggers around who understand that guest posting continues to thrive and offers loads of exciting opportunities.

You can use guest posts to drive traffic to your home page and it allows you the chance to build a useful email list too. There are many more advantages to guest posting besides these.

Don’t dismiss guest posting as it is still very much a proven way to generate high-quality backlinks.

See what your competitors are doing

Another great tactic to consider involves analyzing the organic strategy being deployed by your biggest rivals.

It makes sense to scrutinize the link-building methods being used by your competitors to see if you can emulate their success. Tools available for this task include Ahref, which allows you to compile a useful competitor analysis.

You can use this information to pitch your own content in the hope that you can also enjoy some links from the same quality backlinks.

Get media coverage for your brand

A regular source of quality backlinks is from what is known as HARO. This stands for Help a Reporter Out. It is designed to connect a journalist to the source, giving you valuable media coverage in the process.

Using HARO is simple but effective. Hone in on a relevant story before making a pitch for the relevant content.

If it’s broken you can fix it

One of the most easily scalable and effective ways of generating great quality backlinks involves broken link building.

Outreaching to the sites with broken links allows you to offer a fix that clearly benefits you as well as them.

Get links for your brand mentions

It often pays to monitor your brand mentions for a number of valid reasons.

It helps to know that every brand mention has a positive impact on your search engine ranking. You can even improve on that scenario if you can convert these mentions into backlinks.

There are various useful tools you can use to identify these unlinked brand mentions. Once you have a hit list, it’s time to set to work trying to convert them into high-quality backlinks.

These tactics can deliver excellent rewards in your quest to achieve a higher number of quality backlinks. You can also use a competent link-building service to boost your success rate as they will be very familiar with using these methods in order to boost your profile.

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