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Last updated on October 5th, 2021 at 07:04 pm

We all are noticing how eCommerce sales are popping!!

Because of the increasing interest of customers buying online, retailers are trying their hand in every possible perspective.

As per the recent statistics, it is estimated that at the end of 2020, there will be a great boost in eCommerce sales. It will be $4.2 billion and 16% of makeup in total retail sales. These figures are surely going to rise in 2020.

Besides, 25% of the world’s population is shopping online among 7.7 billion. Astonishingly, it will reach 2.14 billion by 2021.

(Source: https://www.oberlo.com/blog/ecommerce-statistics-guide-your-strategy)

It is such big news for online businesses!! Right?

But, on the contrary, it is also making it vital that to survive in this competitive market, you need to follow the exceptional ways to thrive. Otherwise, you will not experience the traffic and revenue that you have expected.

Indeed, it is a tough task to drive traffic for your online store. Besides, it also does not matter if you have an existing business or are starting up, create a strong relationship with your customers.

It is said that experienced and professional ecommerce website developers can also assist you in improving ROI with an innovative and fresh eCommerce website. The choice is all yours!!

Accordingly, you will generate more traffic to your eCommerce website. As an eCommerce business owner, it is vital that you should only follow the imperative ways to get traffic to your eCommerce store. Assure that you are following only the relevant or related traffic generating ideas as it might make or break your reputation.

Even, it is analyzed by the State of Inbound that attaining leads and traffic is the main challenge that online businesses are facing. Check out the below graph to ensure.

So, keeping this thing intact, we are here to give you the 15 tried and tested tips that will surely give an explosion to your eCommerce website. We will be covering the below points in this article. Check this out.

Table of Content

Drive traffic to your eCommerce website with the below ways

Referral marketing

Google AdWords

SEO optimization

Premium Content

Social media

Email subscribers

Guest Blogs

Website speed

Checkout process

Rewards program

Generate urgency

Google Shopping


User reviews

Attract visitors with contests

User and A/B Testing

Ready to generate remarkable traffic to your eCommerce website?

Drive traffic to your eCommerce website with the below ways

1. Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is one of the important things to boost the traffic, and if you are not considering this, then you are surely lagging. More than 81% of the customers believe that a recommendation from a family member or friend affects their decision while purchasing. But, it does not need to be more comprehensive.

For referral marketing, you need to integrate the easy ways for the customers to check the recommendations and reviews. It makes it simple for them to lock their buying decision. A study reveals that the customers gained from referral marketing have 25% chances to stay with your brand more than other customers.

2. Google AdWords

The utmost way to get the traffic to the eCommerce website is to pay for it. The businesses that have less budget can also pay for some essential advertisements from the Google Adwords.

Those who are unaware of Google Adwords should know that it is the pay-per-click advertising technique (PPC) to attract more visitors to your eCommerce website. That simply implies that you have to pay for those ads that got clicks, viewed, or got called. You can take benefits from Google Adwords in the below ways:

  • Display the eCommerce as in the Google search results.
  • Show the banner or text ads in apps, websites, or on Gmail.
  • Display the ads on YouTube and target the visitors according to their demographics or interests as per their location and age.
  • Promote the online store app on iOS and Android apps.

3. SEO Optimization

Powerful SEO marketing is significant for getting traffic on your website. It does not matter if it is created on WordPress, Shopify, or Magento eCommerce platform. But, what is more important is SEO optimization to match the current or current Google algorithms. So, there is a need to follow the effective tips to get it done.

  • First and foremost, discover the most related keywords for the product and homepage pages. Rather than the competitive and broad keywords, focus on effectiveness and relevance.
  • Do not cannibalize the keywords. This type of situation occurs when many pages are using the same keywords to rank. It may confuse the search engine bots, and you may get penalized.
  • The other important aspect is on-page optimization. It includes Site structure, Keyword optimization, Internal linking, Mobile version, An XML sitemap, Customer Reviews, Rich snippets, etc.

4.Premium Content

Get loads of traffic by publishing the valuable, related, and consistent content on your eCommerce website. We cannot deny the fact that the blog content is one of the most important assets to drive success. And, the sad part is that there are very few who know the suitable method to produce valuable content to the website.

Remember that the eCommerce store is not only about selling services or products. Most of the customers are looking for more than that. Here comes a need to write blogs to provide the information to the customers that they are looking for.

Also, the best content will give them the reasons to visit your eCommerce website time and again. So, try to publish the news pieces, tutorials, product reviews, etc. to attract customers.

Moreover, assure that the content is engaging. The visitors love the content, which is related to their purchasing interest.

5.Social Media

Social media platforms, such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, are regularly encouraging visitors with their advanced features. And, online stores are also taking advantage of this. Social media means shares, sales, promotions, cultural relevance, and links. This is something that the eCommerce businesses have to take into consideration. They should give their effort and time to take its advantages.

You can share your promotions, daily deals, and offers on social media. The strong social media strategies can improve your webpage with responsiveness, personality, and shareable content. Saying that, it has to be attention-grabbing, informative, and well-designed is not wrong.

Know which are the best social media platforms that are more related and influenced by your industry. The tip is to de-emphasize the long captions, emojis, and numbers while posting the video. It will give a huge bump to the website traffic. This website is great at promoting business profiles.

6.Email subscribers

Use email marketing as much as you can to your strategies. It is one of the existing web marketing forms that can assist you in getting organic traffic to your eCommerce website.

To get it done, you have to create the quantitative and qualitative email list of the eminent subscribers and customers. The aim of online businesses is to get more sales and assure that your visitors are converting into subscribers or customers.

It implies that creating the result-oriented email list is the initial step of an email marketing campaign. With the compelling incentives, you can attract the visitors to give their email addresses for official emails or newsletters. Give them the profitable deals that they sign up to your mailing list.

7.Guest Blogs

As it is known that the engaging content on the eCommerce website is important for more clicks. Also, we cannot underestimate the potential of guest blogging.

Many web communities are there that publishes engaging, informing, and inspiring content. After the publication of guest posts, you will get a link that takes the visitors back to your website. Also, you can integrate one or two backlinks to your content that got clicked once.

This is one of the best practices to make you an influencer brand in the online business. It gives the reasons for the visitors to shop from you and also let you taste the experience of a large amount of shopper volume.

8.Website Speed

Keep an eye on your website speed. Check out how much it is taking to load a web page. If it is taking more than three seconds, then you are losing an immense amount of potential visitors.

The slow speed of the eCommerce website makes the visitors irritated, and instead of waiting to load, they move to another website. This gives rise to the bounce rate as well. Of course, you do not want this to happen!!

You can follow the below tips to speed up your eCommerce website.

  • Reduce website Page Size
  • Use a Content Delivery Network
  • Compress Data
  • Use Caching and In-memory Technology
  • Mention Image Dimensions
  • Optimize Platform Configuration
  • Get less ‘Round Trips’
  • Avoid Redirects
  • Use the website speed test tools such as; Pingdom, GTmetrix, Google Analytics, etc.

9.Checkout Process

Noticing the checkout process is also essential to give a boost to your eCommerce website traffic. The frustrating checkout process gives the reasons for the visitors to abandon your website. We have gathered some of the reasons that are giving birth to cart abandonment. Find out below:

  • Non-equivalence of ads to website
  • Unattractive Designs
  • Tough Navigation
  • Absence of Contact Information
  • Performance Problems
  • Trust Issues
  • Irrelevant Product Description
  • Low-Quality Photos
  • Not Responsive

If your webpage has the issues as mentioned above, then rectify it today to thrive.

10.Rewards Program

We cannot deny that getting new customers is not important, but you also know that your current customers give you more profits.

Almost 20% of the current or existing customers are liable for 80% of your future sales. This makes it clear that keeping the customer base happy is not enough; you need to grow it as well.

We can take an example of Amazon Prime here. It gives full value to their subscribers that they can get an annual participation fee, and they pay it happily. Hence, it is vital that you should give rewards on your services to strengthen your customer base and to make them more loyal to your brand.

11.Generate Urgency

Those visitors who abandon your eCommerce without purchasing and likely to visit your website later do not complete the sale. When you implement the urgency, most of the visitors will buy. It could be “Act Now!” or “Less quantities” or “Free Shipping” or “Buy Now!” Or “Limited Time Offer”.

You can apply this with different angles until the belief of “don’t miss out on this” is developed with the visitor. It is estimated that the content has shown urgency that can result in a more click to open rates, higher transaction to click rate, and multiplied conversion rate of other marketing emails.

12.Google Shopping

Google Shopping is the most known and tested way to boost eCommerce website traffic. Being distinct from AdWords, it permits the visitors to check the product images, the prices of eCommerce retailers, filtering the adequate price points and results.

Similar to Google AdWords, Google shopping is paid. The difference only lies in rules and interfaces. Being a modern online eCommerce business owner, you can become a specialist in winning shoppers.


The most advantageous thing about getting traffic to your eCommerce website from social media is that you can retarget them. Retargeting is also termed as Remarketing. It is that magic that creates an ad for the sofas in your Facebook feed after visiting the furniture store website.

Retargeting happens when you place a small code known as a pixel on the website. If your eCommerce website is created on Shopify, then you can integrate that pixel on the Shopify account. It is not that how much in-depth you are practicing retargeting; sure benefits are there on the cards.

14.User Reviews

Most of the shoppers believe the reviews of products and services they read online. Allow your customers to leave the positive reviews on the product they have purchased on the website or on the social media channel. It will assist the new ones in clicking on your social media or web pages and also allowing you to rank higher in SERPs.

It assures relevant and fresh content which is definitely a positive thing in Google eye. Below are some of the recent statistics that show how user reviews can get you a large number of traffic:

  • Almost 91% of Millenials prefer checking online reviews than asking family and friends.
  • One business review can raise the conversion rate with 10%.
  • 90% of users believe that 10 reviews are required to create an opinion of the business.
  • There are 15% of the users that do not trust the business without reviews.
  • 82% of the customers visit the websites to purchase a product or service.

15.Attract visitors with contests

Who does not like to get the freebies? Everyone does!! Have you integrated some products on your eCommerce website that you think is worth the cost?

If yes, then, use your website, the social media profiles and the influencers to spread the word that you are arranging a contest for the free goodies. And, if the customers will find that the gift is worthy, then they will surely share that goodie with their families and friends.

16.User and A/B Testing

It is advised to test everything on the product page. Online businesses are usually too close to their product pages to notice them clearly.

With the user testing, you are allowing the users to associate with the website in real-time because it describes their pleasures, impressions, and frustrations. These could be remarkably overwhelming and it charges the A/B testing pipeline by different and unique ideas. Below are the best tools that you can use for testing:

  • Optimizely

It is an A/B split testing tool that discovers the most efficient means to improve conversions and revenue on your eCommerce website.

  • Visual Website Optimizer (VWO)

Visual Website Optimizer is a simple A/B testing tool with a WYSIWYG editor and point-and-click test designer for generating variations. Besides the dead-simple split testing tool for marketers, it also reduces time dramatically to go live with the A/B tests as of the exceptional “\tag-less\” integration.

Ready to generate remarkable traffic to your eCommerce website?

Getting an abundance of traffic to your online store is not a simple task. It requires a smart and productive strategy. You need to work on a lot of measures- knowing the visitors, leveraging the benefits of tools and tactics, and personalizing the messages to the right users, etc.

We have mentioned the list to the best of our knowledge. Implement it today and find out the difference these tips will bring to your eCommerce website.

Thanks for reading!

Do share your views with us!!

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