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In the current market, where technology is improving day by day, every business is coming up with an app to provide a seamless experience to their potential customers.

Progressive web and native apps are good and have different usage in businesses. Here, you can say that no one can be a winner as the main priority of any business is the choice and the requirement. If the app fulfills all your business needs and requirements that you are looking for, you can go with it.

This blog post will discuss progressive web apps and native apps and let you decide which one is best for you.

Before we talk about the best one, let us discuss both of these apps and how they differ.

What are Progressive Web Apps?

A progressive web development company uses multiple web technologies like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to develop web apps.

These apps provide a native-like app experience and can run on various web browsers like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, etc.

These apps combine basic features and similarities of web and native apps.

What are Native Apps?

A software application developed with the help of various programming languages and designed to run on specific operating systems is known as a native app.

When we talk about the fastest app, excellent user interface, and loaded with the latest features, native apps come at the top of the list.

If you want to give your customers a full-fledged app with all-new features, you can surely go with native apps.

The future is all about PWAs and native apps.

Difference Between Progressive Web Apps and Native Apps

We cannot directly point out any app to be the best as every app has its benefits and features. It varies from business to business and which app can stand best for them.

To make points more transparent and help you decide which app suits you best for you, you can see the differences mentioned below. These differences will help you determine which app works best for your business.


i) As these are web apps, users do not need to install them but can directly add them to their home screen.

ii) PWA works in offline mode.

iii) PWA development is faster as it does not require any permission from a third-party app to get published.

iv) Development cost is comparatively less than other web app development.

v) PWAs have limited features for their users.

Native App

i) Any user can visit the Play Store/App Store and install the app directly to their device.

ii) Depending on the app type, a native app can work online and offline.

iii) Native App development cycle is longer as it requires play store permission when publicly published.

iv) Development cost becomes expensive as multiple developers for each section are required.

v) When talking about native apps, users have multiple features.

Which Is Best For Your Startup: Progressive Web App or Native App?

As your business is in its initial days and you want to promote your products and services to your potential customers, it becomes difficult for business owners to decide which app can work well for them.

Before you hire app developers for startups, specific points will help you decide which app is a good fit for your business.

i) Both of the apps are good among themselves,

ii) Both the apps help you boost your business,

iii) Both provide you with different features to attract more customers.

iv) Both the apps run online and offline, depending on their features.

In today’s competitive market, it becomes difficult for business owners to decide which technology can benefit their business in terms of growth.

You need to understand your business and which app type will match all the requirements. According to that, you can hire the best app developers for startups.


Both the apps will work great; only the difference you need to rectify is which app can be effective and efficient for your startups.

The features and similarities of both the apps are good among themselves. It is your call to know the requirements of your business and choose the best one which fulfills all your business requirements.

You can hire a progressive web app development company to help you develop web apps for your startups.

As the technology is enhancing day by day and businesses are coming online, it is certain that in the coming future, all the businesses, from small-scale to large-scale, will be based on their app.

Customers can directly avail benefits by using their online and offline web apps.