What Does a Product Manager Do?

The product manager’s job is to analyze the marketplace, prepare for competitive conditions and then make a path towards the value of the product, what it aims to resolve, its benefits and who it is aimed for. They are the ones who build and construct the product vision and strategy.

The product manager will also design the objectives and set schedules for what each department of the product team must do by creating a project timeline that prioritizes the features and functionality of the product.

What are the Objectives of a Product Manager?

A product manager has to work hand in hand with many departments such as engineering, marketing, sales, and support teams. The main objectives of a product manager are as follows.

  • To assess the market competition by comparing the product with its competitor’s product.
  • To research and determine the needs of the customers by obtaining customer information through feedback, surveys, etc.
  • To develop marketing strategies for the product by working closely with the sales, advertising and production departments.
  • To provide information for the product management team in order to prepare and estimate sales forecasts and product analyst reports for both, short-term and long-term.
  • To use market research data, sales, and production costs to determine the right product pricing.
  • To assess market data for the product by using customer input data and customer satisfaction and also by evaluating sales call results.
  • To study and maintain technical knowledge of the product by establishing personal networks, reviewing professional publications and attending educational workshops.
  • To maintain operational requirements by scheduling and assigning employees and following up on tasks and work results.
  • To prepare return-on-investment analyses, product development programs and analyze the proposed product requirements.
  • To provide and optimize product line communications by clearly defining objectives of product marketing communication.
  • To record and facilitate inventory turnover by adjusting production schedules and inventory levels.
  • To select, recruit, orient and train employees in order to maintain a skilled product management team.
  • To work closely with the sales director to develop ideal product sales and marketing strategies.
  • To estimate the scope of future product lines and product types by appraising new product ideas based on specifications and requirements.

What is a Novel Writing Software?

Since the beginning of time, stories have always been written by hand. However, we as a society have reached a point where a novel can be written using computer software. The software will not automatically write words, it is more of an aid for the author to use.

If you are in the process of writing an article, editorial piece, screenplay, blog publication or just someone who feels like dabbling in the art of writing, you might find that using a novel writing software could help with your craft. Some of the ways it can assist you are below.

Stay Organized

All of us tend to make mental notes now and again, some people prefer jotting it down on paper or a PC. These notes start to get unwieldy once there’s more than a dozen of them. The important ones get mixed with the others and will probably be overlooked when required the most. With the use of a novel writing software, all your notes can be saved and categorized according to your writing needs, making it more relevant and easier to find when needed.

Develop a Plot

The introduction is the start of your piece, it is what piques the interest of the reader. A good introduction should be able to draw the reader in and should incept the thought of, ‘What happens next?’. If you find yourself rewriting certain parts, again and again, to fit in with the rest of your story, a novel writing software can help you evenly space out key details and help you in laying down the foundation for a well-structured plot.

The Different Types of Novel Writing Softwares

Organizational Writing Software

Organizational writing software is quite similar to a word processor designed specifically for creative writers. This type of novel writing software may benefit you if you find yourself in the following situations.

  • If you have a plot outline that is constantly getting revised as the story starts to form.
  • If you have combined notes on the theme, settings, and characters together.
  • If you are not well versed with your subject matter and require research notes.
  • If you have snippets of dialogue waiting to be added but not sure how to add them.

Story Development Software

A story development software can assist the writer in creating the characters, surroundings, climax, etc. It can sculpt and mold their personalities, shape their surroundings and define the world-building reality to meticulously fall into place with the plot outline, adding depth to the overall story. With this novel writing software, the writer will get suggestions according to what is typed.

Proofreading and Editing Software

This type of novel writing software is for writers who need assistance in grammatical errors such as punctuation and spelling. It can help polish your article or manuscript before you send it for publishing. If you are planning to self-publish your work, it is advisable to invest in this type of software as it can proofread and edit your document first. You can ensure that your prose is grammatically accurate and on par with Shakespeare’s.

The Best Novel Writing Softwares Available

Listed below are some of the leading novel writing software that caters to writers from a beginner’s level to a professional one.

  • Scapple

A novel writing software aid for brainstorming notes and creating digital mind maps which can be connected to each other. These can be customized shape and structure your notes easily.

  • Evernote

A writing program for note-taking where you can create, manage and organize your notes which can be accessed across multiple devices.

  • Squibler

This is the best novel writing software if you are looking for speed and simplicity. It can create outlines for your story and collect your research notes for easy reference when writing.


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