PlayStation 5 vs Xbox Series X: Which to Choose?


playstation xboxThe moment we all were expecting is finally here! The stage has been set. On one hand, we have Sony PlayStation 5 and on the other, we have Sony Xbox Series X. We have put the prices, features, and compatibility to the ultimate face-off.

We know that the launch has escalated your excitement and simultaneously, your dubiety! Everybody wants to update their knowledge and get to know everything about these next-generation gaming platforms. So here we are, with an unbiased article that will help you sort this dilemma.

In this article, we have compared both these gaming consoles on the basis of their price, performance, design, compatibility, and controls.

It is indeed a very tough competition as both of these gaming platforms provide 8k resolution, extremely powerful processors, commendable frame rates. But continue reading further as we have declared a clear winner at the end!

So, without any further delay, let’s get the battle started.



Xbox Series X is priced at $500 US dollars. This gaming console comes with a full-fledged SSD, a powerful GPU, and much more. It also has a cheaper variant, Xbox S, priced at $300.


PlayStation 5 is priced at $500 US dollars. It also has a digital PlayStation edition which is priced at $400 US dollars. Both these models are digitally designed in a similar way. PS5 has a 4K Blu-ray physical disc drive whereas the Ps5 digital edition doesn’t have any.

Winner: tie

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Microsoft’s Xbox Series X has a fast-travel similar to that of Ps5. You won’t be able to see any major differences in that context. Talking about the load time, it is slightly more than compared to Sony’s PlayStation 5.

When you switch the resolution to 120 frames per second, the gaming experience is unquestionably enhanced within seconds.


The load time of Ps5 is commendable. It can easily load complex games like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla in less than a minute or try mystery room games. Fast-travel is also impressive in this gaming console.

In terms of gameplay, Ps5 offers a great experience. It supports 4K at even 60 fps, similar to Xbox Series X. Coming to the visual effects, the contrast between lights and shadows, animation fluidity, texture, and so forth, it is smoothly delivered to the players.

Winner: PlayStation 5



Microsoft’s Xbox series X played it quite safe in terms of the controller. It has undoubtedly adapted the best and smartest upgrades in this version.

It offers a fairly improved D-pad along with a “share” button placed in the center. The only downside here is that it still supports AA batteries. Instead, if the company would’ve gone for a rechargeable built-in feature, it would’ve been highly appreciable by the public.


PlayStation 5 has pulled in some extraordinary features this time. It comes with a built-in mic, sensitive haptics, and bigger and comfortable grips.

The Dual Sense comes in an appealing combination of 2 colors. Additionally, the haptic reviews have been extremely tempting. Users around the world have loved the realistic touch.

Apart from that, the touchpad on Dual Sense has a lot of unutilized spaces that somewhat deteriorate the experience.

Winner: Tie

  FEATURES     XBOX SERIES X              PS5
FRAME RATE120 frames per second120 frames per second
STORAGE SPACE1 TB custom NVMe SSD825 GB custom SSD



$500.00 US DOLLARS


$400.00 – $500.00 US DOLLARS


A table of comparison between Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5.



Xbox series X ventures further once again into Microsoft’s library. It is viable with each Xbox One game for virtual birthday celebration, numerous Xbox 360, and furthermore the original Xbox games.

This is a beneficial feature as it permits the players to enjoy all the previous games offered by Microsoft.


The backward compatibility of Ps5 is somewhat lagging. While it can be played with just about any Ps4 games available out there, there isn’t anything else to that.

This limits the user’s gaming experience and therefore is a major drawback.

Winner: Xbox Series X 

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This has a sleek black body that resembles the build of a refrigerator, due to its vertical build. Xbox series X decently manages its space despite being on the bulkier side. It has distinguishable power and pairing buttons. This makes the process of connecting without wires a whole lot easier.

Although the Xbox series X is designed in a quite sensible manner, it is missing a few features that are present in Ps5.


Ps5 has a considerably large system. It is difficult to switch configuration from horizontal to vertical.

The design is also fairly asymmetrical. The most important buttons are the power button and the disc eject button appears to be similar at a glance. This feature can be mildly irritating for some players.

PlayStation 5 also comes with a USB C port which is quite advantageous feature. A lot of gaming devices are facilitated with this C type adapter. Thus, it makes the connecting process quite simple for individuals.

Winner: PlayStation 5


After a thorough examination of both these next-generation gaming consoles provided by Microsoft and Sony. We have covered up the major pointers that can affect a buyer’s decision.

Microsoft Xbox series X launched on November 10, 2020, is priced at $500.00 US DOLLARS.

Some major factors like the pricing and the controller of Xbox series x are similar to that of PlayStation 5. But it still lags behind in the terms of design and performance due to its comparatively greater loading time. Xbox series X provides great backward compatibility, that lets the players enjoy all the gaming features available in Microsoft’s library.

PlayStation 5 was launched on November 19, 2020. It is also priced at $500.00 US Dollars, therefore, nullifies the chance of comparison on this basis. The loading time and smart controller add to the charm of this gaming console. It is also facilitated with a better SSD and the exclusive games available here are sufficient to tempt any player.

With that being said, we have our winner. So, drum rolls, please! We think this round of comparison is clearly won by Sony’s PlayStation 5. All the controversies surrounding it are not exaggerated. In the near future, we can expect some changes from both these gaming platforms that might affect the overall performance.

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