PHP which is known to be the Hypertext Preprocessor is becoming the most popular concept in the present market. Most of the web designing company offers PHP solutions to customers to develop the website and give a new direction to the business.

You can easily understand the popularity by gaining knowledge that nowadays nearly 80% of domains use PHP solutions. It is widely used in almost all information as well as social networking sites that may even include Wikipedia and Facebook. It also contributes to the biggest open source projects that include WordPress and Drupal.

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When we talk about PHP the first thing that comes to mind is the PHP framework, but what is it actually? Basically, it is a set of classes and functions that help the developers stick to it while developing a site. The MVC model is an extension of creating engines. Take a look at it:

  • Model

It consists of the server business logic code. It basically includes the reading as well as the writing to a database in the context of some of the pre- or post-processing.

  • View

This is where the output is entered and presented to the user in a specific format. They are available in HTML markup; it can also be the JSON or XML format.

  • Controller

It is basically regarded to be the manager. It firstly joins the URL and finally chooses the right models and views even before displaying it to the browser or the mobile device or even in any API caller.

There are numerous frameworks on which php script developers India concentrate and they successfully deliver the solution to customers. Some of the frameworks are:


It is something that does not occupy tones of space and you can even get it quickly. You can surely jump and choose CodeIgniter as it is regarded to be one of the best frameworks. The implementation can be speedily performed. CodeIgniter is widely used by freelancers or small teams, but now large companies are also adopting the framework to satisfy customers.


Laravel is designed for MVC structured web applications. It is one of the most popular and open source PHP frameworks in the world. It has plenty of features and can be used to build complex apps. Its security and speed meet the expectations of the modern web application. Laravel simplifies the PHP development process by reducing the complexity of general tasks such as authentication, caching, and sessions.


It is another framework that is being widely used and can give a fresh start to the website. It is basically a community-driven framework and so you can experience great enthusiasm while indulging in the chats and forums. The documentation is constantly maintained, making it apt. Presentation models give flexibility and make the app more precise.

Cake PHP

It is one of the other frameworks that web developers India adapt to perform their tasks. It is one of the popular frameworks in the present market. It also makes use of the MVC framework. It’s a bit heavier than CodeIgniter but surely has its own advantages. It can easily understand and offer a structured approach for better understanding.


Vork is intuitive as well as easy to use the framework. It does not complicate the matter and reduce the performance of the website. It has the ability to remove the undesirable qualities that are being used in a framework.


The Akelos Framework is also an effective web application development platform that is developed on the MVC design pattern. It always helps the programmers in building up of the multilingual database that is backed by web applications and writes less code. This altogether enables the formation of uniform, easy to understand scripts.


It is actually a lightweight MVC framework that enables the development of the faster development of the process. The main objective of Adroit is that it helps to keep it simple. There are also some of the useful features that the developers can use to improve the framework and the structure.

There are also other frameworks like the Zephyr, Maintainable, Yii, Seagull, PHP. MVC, xAjax, Ajax AC, Zoop, PHOCOA, Kohana, Limb, Solar, Blue Shoes, Stratos which is being widely used by the PHP developers India to enhance the website of the customers and making it more understandable and easily accessible.

The main objective of the developers is to adopt the framework which can lower the loading time of the webpage and better more popular among the visitors. Indian PHP Development Company is very much affordable and also can help gain profit. Innovation and adopting the latest technology is the USP of Indian programmers.

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