There are a couple of gifts available in the market for girls. So, the choice is not really hard. If you really know her likes and dislikes then choosing the right gift for her will not be that hard. You can give away a pleasant looking dress, a piece of jewelry (Yes, girls still love diamonds!), chocolates, perfumes, etc. However, aren’t these regular gifts? And if you have been dating your girlfriend for quite some time then I am cent percent sure that you must have already given some of these gifts to your girlfriend.

So, now what can you do? Why not give away personalized gifts to your girlfriend this time? Now what are these personalized gifts? Personalized gifts are some unique gifts that you give away to your girlfriend with a personal romantic touch. You can add a romantic message to these gifts and make your girlfriend feel loved and amused. There are a couple of personalized things that you can give away to your girlfriend. Below, we have mentioned a few of them. Choose the one you like and make sure you select the best gift for your partner.


Mugs are something that is cheap, handy and easy to avail. They even have the maximum utility. Mugs can be used on every day basis and obviously the first thing anyone has access to, before starting there day. So, giving away personalized mugs is a great way to make your girlfriend think of you every time she plans to relax herself with a cup of coffee or tea. However, if you want to add the romance flavor to this gift why not give away a couple mug? What are these couple mugs? Couple cups or mugs are the mugs given away in a pair of two. This will be a unique way to tell your girlfriend that even in those dull, lonely moments you are with her.

There are a couple of stores that keeps these romantic and personalized couple mug. You can choose from these vast varieties of couple mug design and select the best and the most romantic version of couple mugs design for your partner. In case your girlfriend drinks beer then you can give away an elegant looking personalized beer mugs. You can get a lot of personalized beer mugs in India from both online and offline stores. Thus, mugs especially the romantic personalized mugs do make a perfect romantic gift for girlfriends.

Don’t forget to add a unique and romantic message on this mug and make your partner smile every time she puts her hands on these mugs. If you’re good at sketching or drawing why not draw something and then give it to the printer to get it printed on the mug. The coffee mug sketch on the mugs will definitely be a good way to display your skill and talent to your partner. In case, you can sketch your girlfriend’s face then you have just won her for life.

Personalized bags

Bags and wallets are something that girls always carry. They like everything from totes, sling bags to the small wallets, so you will have a vast variety of bags to choose from. Add a flavor of personalization to these bags. There is a couple of personalized ladies wallet and personalized sling bags available in the market. Choose a ladies wallet and add a message to it. Something unique and romantic will be the best choice of message for your girlfriend. These personalized ladies wallet will be a way to remind her of you every time she’s out on a vacation or an event.


Woman love cooking and are generally excellent at it. If she loves cooking and keeps trying new and tasty dishes for you then why not thank her for all the relentless effort she has been taking for you. So, go ahead and select a master chef apron and personalize it with a pleasant message such as, ‘World’s Best Chef or My favorite Chef.’

Personalized cushions

Cushions are a relaxing element. So, when you give away personalized cushions in the shape of hearts she’ll feel a soft bundle of love coming from you.

Final Words

Above, we have mentioned a couple of romantic and personalized gifts for girlfriends. Choose the one that you like and make your girl feel loved and appreciated.