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PennyTel's 10 million FREE minutes offer – Make Free Nimbuzz SIP Calls

PennyTel’s renowned 10 million FREE minutes offer is back to enjoy almost unlimited free SIP calls via Nimbuzz or Ebuddy. You might have known that PennyTel had launched the same offer in the last year which brought unlimited pleasure by calling your beloved ones for free.

Making a free call online is quite difficult when we consider time limit. There are thousands of websites which provides free calling through their interface. But time does matter. You will be given only few minutes or at most few hours by this promo.

But PennyTel’s 10 million FREE minutes offer is absolutely working since 20th December to 20th January 2013. 10 million FREE minutes means you can call almost unlimited time regardless of the time.

Make FREE calls to:

Australia^, Canada, China, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand^, Singapore, the UK^ and the USA; anytime between 20th December 2012 and 20th January 2013.
What’s more – you can call using a
number of methods, including:

(1) Mobile Phone (with an App)

(2) Home Phone (with an ATA)

(3) Softphone (on your computer)

(4) Callback

(5) IP Phone
^Excluding calls to mobiles.

How do I get free minutes from PennyTel

At first, go to this link and register there.

Now follow the below steps. Before you do, install Nimbuzz in your phone or PC.

1. Goto Ctrl Panel/Settings/
Connection settings/SIP Settings/

2.New SIP (from default settings)

— name : Pennytel

— service profile: IETF

— default destination : (your APN)

— public username:

(here xxxx is your given no. Or username)

— use compression: no

— registration: always on

— use security: no

— Proxy server : no change/all blank

— registrar server:

— server add:

— realm:

— user name: xxxxxxxxx (your given no.)

— password : (your given password here)

— transport type: auto

— port : 5060

For PC Nimbuzz Users

1. Download Nimbuzz for PC

2. .Login to pennytel web site and go to portal

3.Now go to [Personal VoIP] in
portal….Then click [settings]

4.There you will find SIP Setting

5.Change the Voip password

6.Now open the Nimbuzz and go to
option …Then select call Service

7. Now at last enter your id (numerical) and password.

8. Click on connect.

You have successfully completed the procedures. Now start enjoying free SIP calls via Nimbuzz or Ebuddy. I remind you that this is limited time offer so please make most from it before this expires.

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