You have been trying a lot of cloud storage service providers, but pCloud is certainly unique among all of them. pCloud has a lot to offer because of their unique features when you compare this from other big names in the market. It is very easy to use, simple interface and free service provider. This is the best alternative to the Google Drive and Dropbox.

You can use pCloud in Linux, Windows, and Mac system. Also, it gives the benefit to the users to use the pCloud in iOS and Android devices. All the users can use the pCloud through the web portal by accessing their online account at any point in time.

How to Install ‘Save to pCloud’ extension in your system?

  • Open the browser and then click on Settings.
  • Click on Extensions, and in the Search tab on the left-hand side type ‘Save to pCloud’.

  • After the search is completed, click on ‘Add to Chrome’ option.

  • Once the pCloud Extension is saved in your Extensions list, you will be able to use the features of pCloud in your system.

How to download YouTube videos using the ‘pCloud Save’ extension?

  • Once you install the pCloud extension in your system, you can access the extension from top right-hand side of your browser.
  • Copy the URL from the address bar as shown below

  • Now visit this website or any such downloader website and paste the video link as shown below and hit the download button.

  • You will be shown with video download links with available resolutions and right click on the “Download” button and select “Save to pCloud

  • A notification will be shown when it’s completed

  • The media file will be automatically copied to your account and will come under the folder as per the website name.

Auto saved from Chrome extension
  • Also, you can play the file from the browser

  • Also, you copy any files from any websites to your account and for this make sure you are right-clicking on the direct link like ones with etc and pasting to remote upload option
  • Here is a copy we saved from Audio Jungle

Some of the reviewed features of pCloud

File Versioning

pCloud offers you the benefit of controlling the version of the files in your system for a specified time. If you wish to find the previous version of the file then fret not pCloud will have the version of the file. In addition to that, pCloud allows you to look into the actions you have performed, so you can keep track of all the activities you have performed.


pCloud offers you the features to examine the actions performed in the file within your pCloud account. For the basic plan you can use this feature for 30 days, for a premium account this feature is for 90 days, and for the Premium Plus accounts this feature is for 180 days.


You can monitor the changes made to the files and restore the former version of the file using the pCloud account.


pCloud will help you to go back in the time and restore all the non-encrypted versions of the file through your digital collection in your pCloud account.

File Management

Now, you can manage all your file and folders directly from your pCloud account. No matter how much space you have used, you can easily manage all your files.

There is a search option, where you can enter the name of the file and folder, which will be found instantly in your pCloud account

You can filter the files and folder by their file format. On the left-hand side menu you will have pCloud quick search icons, if you click on that you will have a list of filtered files.

Also, the files you have deleted from your pCloud account will stay in the Trash folder for a limited period of time depending on the type of plan you are using.

File Sharing

Now with pCloud, you can share the files with your friends and families easily. It has the Invite to folder feature, which will help you to share the folders with your families, friends, and colleagues. You can give them View or Edit content access. In addition to this, pCloud gives you the benefit download and upload links, where you can share the link with your friends and colleagues.

There are some more cool features of pCloud such as:

  1. Synchronization
  2. Security
  3. Encryption
  4. Accessibility
  5. Integration

Final Wrap Up

Update: Online YouTube Downloader is another free tool you can try, it supports downloading videos from YouTube, Facebook and Vimeo as well.

pCloud is the best alternative to the Dropbox and Google Drive. The interface is very simple to use, so the users who don’t have an idea about the cloud can easily use it. Also, you can earn some additional storage for your server.

Its speed is far from perfect, which allows the user to download or upload the videos to the pCloud account faster.


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