How to Install Android on your PC Using Emulators [DIY Guide]

Android is an operating system loaded with lots of useful abilities that we can utilize for various needs. We all are very familiar with the word Android, so here in this “How to install android on PC” article, we shall find some popular Android Emulators to enjoy the Android experience on our PC. We have

How to Convert Wired Printer to Wireless Using Google Cloud Print

Is it possible for anyone with a wired printer alone can go wireless? No! But if you have a printer that is accessible to your computer by means of a wired connection, then it is possible. Here we are going detailed on the topic how to print using google cloud print. It will be certainly awesome

How to Use Chrome Remote Desktop (Remote Assistance Aide)

Think of a situation where up on your printer stops working because of some sorts of technical issue. If you are an ordinary person with somewhat knowledge in computer, you will definitely call a technical assistant to solve the problem. Here the use of this article “How to use chrome remote desktop” come into the

how to download instagram stories

How to Download Instagram Stories on Android, iOS & PC

One of the most popular features of Instagram is stories, that are, photos & videos uploaded quickly to the social profile and are removed automatically after 24 hours. Here’s a quick tutorial explaining how to download Instagram stories of other users. If you want to keep the Instagram stories for more than 24 hours or if you want to

How to Install Android OS on your PC Without Emulators [DIY Guide]

Have you ever wished to use Android applications especially video games on bigger displays with more controls? If yes, then this article how to install android on PC will help you fulfill your desire without using any emulators! As we all know Android operating systems are so much popular. These days, most people prefer Android more than meals ;). The easy, fast and fantastic overall performance made the platform highlighted from other OS.  Android is a lot beneficial to the fields consisting of training, profession, enjoyment, and studies. etc. Let’s move to

How to Cast Your Android Screen to Windows PC [With & Without 3rd Party Apps]

  Look, It will be always fantastic if you can cast your smaller screen to a larger one. If you have to share something with a group of people, (consider while conducting classes or any other discussions with a comparatively higher number of people, so that we can easily share ideas related with the topic

Can you Build a Computer for Just 750 Rupees? [Hint : Yes]

  The booming technological inventions are capable of surprising us always to a large extent. Do you think a Computer For Just 750 Rupees is possible? definitely, you may not, but the fact is, IT IS POSSIBLE! We can’t even imagine right?… Okay, The first question that will arise in your mind when you heard

restore recycle bin deleted files

How to Recover Deleted Files from Recycle Bin After Emptied?

Learn how to recover deleted files from Recycle Bin after emptied. This Recycle Bin Recovery software lets you easily restore permanently deleted files.


How To Download YouTube Videos With Save to pCloud extension?

You have been trying lot of cloud storage service providers, but pCloud is certainly the unique among all of them. pCloud has lot to offer because of their unique features, when you compare this from other big names in the market. It is very easy to use, simple interface and free service provider. This is

download zombie invasion live wallpaper download pc

Download Zombie Invasion Live Wallpaper on PC [Updated]

Download the scary zombie invasion wallpaper on your desktop and apply within minutes. Surprise your friends and children with this awesome zombie live wallpaper.