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Parcelled App Helped me Win my Biggest Client

I would be happier if I could send out documents and product samples to my customers in email! But that is not possible, so my business relies on cost-effective courier and parcel services to get the job done. I use 2 services and have thought that they were the most efficient ones I could get out there. But my perception changed the day when I came across Parcelled.


My Experience with Parcelled App

I had this urgent product sample to be sent to a potential customer. It was a big deal and my team had been trying hard to get just a single breakthrough for over 1 year. It was a big client with big annual business potential and the sad thing was that the purchase manager was very picky. But my marketing team was able to get this lucky breakthrough and the client asked for a sample. He was to have it within 2 days, failing which he would have ignored our request entirely! It was an evening when I received this confirmation and I was already sweating (because in the back of my mind I knew I couldn’t make it possible).

Still I called up my regular courier service with lots of optimism. But it was short-lived because they turned down my request claiming that it would take them at least 3 days to get the package across.

It was then that one of my teammates suggested me to use the Parcelled App. I downloaded the app and made an enquiry and got a green signal! The courier guys were here within 20 minutes and they also promised delivery within 48 hours. The rest is history! I bagged that big client for 1 year! I can’t share with you how big a client that is!

This was when I learnt that there was something more efficient and meaningful out there in this industry and how important it was to define my business’ success!

Ease of Use

Scheduling a pickup is as easy and fast as anything. The app keeps everything on my finger tips. I have to just enter the source, destination and the time I need to send and I get instant quotes and shipping modes.

I think the shipping prices are affordable considering that I am saving so much time and inconvenience. Timely pickup and delivery make a lot of difference to many of my mails. Now I am also sending many of my important documents using Parcelled App.

Scheduled Booking

The company also allows me to schedule the pickup at any time of my preference. Their service guys also pack our parcel and don’t charge anything extra for the door step pickup.  Currently their services are available only in 5 cities including Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi, and Jaipur, but they ship to all cities across the country. 

I think this service has simplified things in this segment. The courier industry needed something simpler and faster like this, and I think we have eventually got it.

There are many more reasons why I like this service:

  • Allows pickup within 2 minutes
  • Flexibility and ease in choosing the items
  • My preferred time for pickup
  • Real-time tracking of my shipments

I use the ordinary services for many of our mails and parcels, but Parcelled App is used for around 30% of our postage!

I will recommend this Parcelled App to anyone who is looking or a reliable and faster parcel or mailing service!

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