Overlyzer can help you analyse soccer and predict the end of the game. Overlyzer is a very famous tool among soccer betting enthusiasts. With Overlyzer, you will be able to know the pressure of the game on a team, if the team is playing offensive or defensive, and much more that provides you with an advantage on live betting. Overlyzer has released a beta version for those willing to try its new features.

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The application comes with four selections.

  • Home page
  • Live
  • Over/Under
  • Scores

Get a live analysis of soccer teams

Overlyzer allows you to choose all the live events of soccer games all around the globe. The live game is analysed through a graph where two lines, the blue line and the red line, tell you the pressure faced by each team. The blue line stands for the pressure the home team is opposing, while the red line stands for the pressure of the away team. When a team is successful in causing enough pressure for the other team and plays offensively, the graph of that team goes higher, and if the team fails to cause the pressure and gets weaker, the graph of the team falls. When a team successfully hits a goal, the team’s graph shows a point mark that indicates the goal. The graph can help you understand the nature of the game and predict how it will end.

On the right side of the graph, you can also find the Stats and Ticker of the game. The stats inform you about

  • Total game pressure (this option tells you the average pressure of the game and the live pressure, which is pressure over the last ten minutes.)
  • Possession
  • Attacks
  • Shots on target
  • Shots off target
  • Corners
  • Yellow cards and Red cards

So based on these parameters, you can easily place your bets at non Gamstop bookies 2023 – uk betting sites not on Gamstop and win. The teams with a big pressure difference generally win the game, while the other factors can also come in handy.

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The Live section also comes with a Filter option, where you can find numerous options to sort out the information. The filter option allows many custom changes.


The Custom allows you to have the following options.

  • Progress

The Progress option comes with choosing different types of pressures to help you analyse the game much better. This option includes Pressure, Team Pressor, Home Pressor, Away Pressure, Diff Pressure, Both Pressure. You can also choose the minimum and the maximum pressure to be notified if the game changes after a given threshold limit.

Progress also includes other possessions like Team Possession, Home Possession, Away Possession, Diff Possession, Both Possession. You can also set minimum and maximum values in this option.

In the Progress option, you can also set the minimum and maximum minutes.

  • Total game pressure

This option allows you to filter the Live matches and the average game pressure.

  • Events

Events include options like Goals, Attacks, and Corners. All these options can change according to your needs like Goals can change to Both Goals, Team Goals, Team Goals, Home Goals, Away Goals, Diff Goals. You can use these options to get a better understanding of the game.

  • Shots

This option lets you filter out the on targets and off-targets and set minimum and maximum values.

  • Cards

Here, you can set red and yellow parameters in the games.

  • Odds

Here you can set parameters based on the previous game and Live scores.

You can also choose the Quick option to filter out specific factors.

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The Overlyzer also comes with a section called Over/Under. Here you can choose the games based on the number of goals, more or less accordingly. This option can help you sort out easily predictable games for placing your bets. This also informs you on the hottest live games.

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The overlyzer also informs you of scores of all Leagues and countries in all the Live events so that you won’t miss any action.

The cost of Overlyzer

The monthly subscription of the application costs €19 for each month and €49 for every three months. The premium will provide you with the features like

  • Live coverage for thousands of games from over 800 leagues and competitions
  • Dynamic filter function
  • Prefabricated filter options
  • As well as freely modifiable notification

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