5 Types Of Content For Marketing That You Can Use In An Online Store


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Content marketing is part of any marketing strategy for any company.

Planning it properly allows users to interact with the company or brand, not to mention that it helps achieve certain objectives such as obtaining more sales in a certain time frame.


Since it is an essential part of any good marketing strategy you must do it properly.

Although content marketing can be applied in any type of company and is usually thought of in social networks, it can be handled by digital marketing companies.

As a result, you should meet with a top internet marketing companies. In this article, we focus on online stores and the type of content that can be used in your marketing strategy.

1. Photographs

In an online store, it is essential to place photographs of the products you are selling. The photographs, like the product information, are essential content in every online store.

Due to their great importance, they are not usually considered as part of a marketing strategy when in reality they are a key piece in visual marketing that you can perform in your online store.

You know that presenting quality photographs, from different perspectives and with different unique details of the products, is one of the first steps you must take to ensure the sales of your online store.

Although your online store is the main medium to present the photographs, you can make use of social networks to promote your products, particularly those platforms that are aimed at photographs such as Instagram.

In this way, there is the possibility of reaching a wider audience.

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2. Blog Entries

Not only do online stores use this strategy, many other businesses decide to create a blog.

In many cases, this is one more section within the website. The user can access it at any time and is visible in the menu.

The only disadvantage is that there is no possibility to attract your visitors with popular or new content as the home page is dedicated to seasonal products and offers.

You can also choose to create a separate website where only content from your blog is published.

In this way, you can highlight the content of your blog and have a unique and optimized layout for the website. You just have to make sure that there are certain indicators that the blog belongs to the online store such as the inclusion of the logo and the characteristic colors of the brand.

You can add advertising on sidebars and other specific areas for users to visit the main site.

The goal behind creating a blog is to attract visitors and gradually gain customers and followers by offering useful information to them. By offering new content continuously, you have a better chance of having a good search engine ranking for a variety of keywords you use.

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3. Customer Content

Although having a blog is an excellent form of marketing, not all businesses can create one and keep it updated.

You need to publish content constantly and creating it on your own can limit you to publish one or two posts per month, taking into account all your other responsibilities.

If so, you can show content generated by your customers.

For example, adding a comment system in the products section could be an effective strategy. Or take actions so that your clients’ photographs appear on social networks.

To do this, you can create a special contest for your customers and even to further motivate the use of that contest, you can offer coupons or special discounts as a prize.

Showing content from your customers generates more confidence in visitors and in some cases reinforces the sense of authenticity of the online store.

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4. Videos

Images are a preferred type of content on the web.

Many websites include them in their design and are the basis of a wide variety of platforms and social networks. But there is another type of content that has great popularity: the videos.

Although it is a type of content that is very often seen in different social networks, blogs and even as a background on a website.

However, there are several ways to include videos in an online store, for example, as instructional material. In this way, you add popular content in your online store and explain processes more easily.

The goal is to add necessary videos.

If the products you sell are simple to use and it is not necessary to join parts of the product before using it, then an instructional video is probably not helpful. But you can add other types of videos such as testimonials, product reviews, etc.

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5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) Section

The “Frequently Asked Questions” section can also be considered as content marketing in an online store.

This section is found by default on a large number of websites. In an online store, it is necessary because you can explain key parts of the purchase, payment and shipping process to interested visitors.

In FAQ, you can include from general to specific questions.

As the name implies, only the questions that your users often ask are placed.

In theory, there is no rule about the extent of this section, but if you notice that there are more than 10 questions, then it is advisable to divide them by topic so that visitors can find the related question more easily.

Also, remember that the FAQ must be answered accurately and simply. The purpose is to disperse doubts from your potential clients, not to confuse them or make them have more doubts than before.

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In conclusion

As you can see, when talking about content, we do not only refer to the text and in fact, several types of content are usually included in web development projects.

We have seen perhaps those that are most obvious in a marketing strategy and others that you did not think could be so relevant.

By paying attention to each of these contents, you can achieve better results in your content marketing and thus improve the sales of your online store.

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