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Why Online Courses are Still Not a Better Way to Study and Learn

online courses lack

Online courses and the parts where they lack:

online courses lack

 Internet and online courses:

There have been countless blessings bestowed upon us by the greatest invention of the 20th century i.e. the internet. We would be a lot different had there been no internet for us to crawl through all the information that we were after. It’s been a privilege for us to be born amidst all the glory that has been made possible by the internet and the things that it brings to the table. Student life has also been affected drastically just because we have used the internet and transformed our lives into something that’s more glamorous and more beautiful. Through the watching of online videos and through the availability of so much information online for us to exploit, student life is not the same like it used to be a few years back. Now we can watch videos on whatever we might have missed during the lecture that we couldn’t attend and be on the pace with the rest of the class. There are also online courses that are available for us to join and make the most of our time without having to go to school regularly. Now there lies a huge question in the preceding statement: are the online courses good enough to replicate the formal education that is guaranteed when we attend the schools and colleges that our parents have to pay heavily for? Do they ensure better understanding and do they ensure that we end up being more educated and also more responsible human beings? If you too are baffled by this question and want to know the answers, then you can just read on and find them:

Formal environment:

Whatever we say, the formal environment that’s present at a school or a college is not ensured when we are studying from our home while staring at a computer screen for a lot of time. No matter how real that might be, it’s not enough and because it isn’t, it’s not always the best option to watch videos and think that you are getting educated because there is a lot more to that.

Morality and ethics:

You might begin to learn how to write a novel or code a HTML page but you won’t be able to grasp the concepts of human life while staring at your laptop LED. All online courses are informative and most of the times organized by people that are very qualified and capable of doing whatever they do, but what they don’t teach is how to be a better human being. You won’t be able to learn how to talk with people in a civilized way or sit in a group full of people quietly for 50 minutes if you don’t attend a school or college.


There is a very obvious reason for us to never trust the websites or the organizations based online. Most of these websites unlike Get Homework Online aren’t credible enough for us to just say that they are going to be our saviors. Moreover, they don’t provide any such degrees and help with assignment at the end of it all that we would normally get at schools and colleges.

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