Running an Online Business? Here’s How to Know It’s Time to Ask for Extra Help


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Your business is off the ground, and things are going pretty well. But when challenges arise, does it feel as though you need to be an expert in everything just to get by?

At some point, solving every problem on your own just isn’t worth it. Although modern technology allows business owners to manage several duties at once, it’s sometimes better to give tasks to outside parties when you’re stretched thin.

Not sure if outsourcing is worth it? Here are some common scenarios that tell you it’s time to get some outside help for your business.

You Have Constant IT Issues

Customer management software gives business owners the ability to operate an entire store all on their own. But when something goes wrong, it can be hard to fix the problem without a degree in computer software engineering.

Maybe your website crashes, or your computer won’t start. When you have serious IT issues like these, it can stall your entire operation and cost you a fortune in lost revenue. It’s possible to fix these problems on your own, but keep in mind: every second you spend solving the problem yourself, time is taken away from your core business.

That’s why it’s best to hire dedicated IT support, like IS-T, that can tackle these problems for you before crashes happen. With proper support, your business won’t lose critical time performing its proper functions, and you don’t have to lose your head trying to resolve frustrating technical issues.

You Need Better Advertising Results

Yes, advertising is a big part of what you do, but that doesn’t mean you do it best. From creating campaigns to posting on social media, you can quickly find that advertising eats up a large portion of your time.

If your business involves creating a product, you might not have enough time to properly advertise the way you need. A dedicated advertiser might be as simple as finding someone you know who can manipulate the social media algorithmor as complicated as hiring out a company with a full roster of copywriters.

And while your product is special to you for its own reasons, a good advertiser will be able to see what makes the strongest connection to the most people possible.

You Have Trouble Tracking Income

One of the first rules of business is “Don’t make it hard for people to pay you.” With new payment methods being created every year (Venmo, Zelle, CashApp, Paypal, etc.), it’s unlikely that you only accept one form of payment. This means consolidating and keeping track of your income and expenses starts to get more and more complicated.

If you don’t know what you are doing, this could mean you are losing out on tons of money. Even if you do have a comfortable grasp of accounting, it can eat up quite a bit of your time.

Hiring an accountant may quickly become one of the best investments you make. A good accountant can pay for themselves just with the money you save on taxes alone.

Is It Time to Get Help with Management?

Ultimately, you know what you do best and what you don’t. Your business is unique to you, and there is no way to cover every possible complication.

Discovering what your specialization is and freeing up more of your time to do that is the key to a successful, thriving business. When you find that you are being pulled away from your main role by extraneous problems time and time again, it might be time to think about whether it’s worth your valuable time to solve the problem on your own or bring in extra help.

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