The gig economy is booming. More than 57 million Americans are now self-employed and profiting.

Join the winners with a self-owned business in a wide range of fields. Think beyond grocery delivery and ride-sharing to improve your profits in 2022.

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Here’s a list of five business ideas you can launch this year.

1. Bookkeeping

Turn your financial prowess into a self-owned business empire. Bookkeeping is a profession that’s always in demand.

With the current pandemic situation, most businesses are turning online. That is the reason why we can see several companies offering online bookkeeping services in Australia. You may also take advantage of this situation.

Small businesses are a great target for building clientele as freelance bookkeepers. With a limited budget to hire full-time staff for every position, small business owners often seek seasonal or part-time help to help keep the accounting in order.

Clients can use automated systems like to bridge the gap when bookkeepers or accountants are off the clock. Certifications are available but not required for bookkeeping meaning you can hire and train staff as your small business grows.

2. Software Engineering

The gig economy brings with it more access to information. Expert freelancers sell courses showing others how to excel in software, programming languages, and marketing.

Take a series of free or paid software engineering courses to launch your self-owned business. One of the fastest-growing careers available, software engineering pays hefty sums to experienced programmers who deliver quality products.

3. Pet Sitting

Help a pet owner travel with ease by offering a dog walking and petting sitting service. The biggest benefit of this business is getting paid to pamper pooches with sunshine and treats.

This business idea is great for anyone who prefers solitude to small talk. You won’t have to worry much about pets complaining about your service or micromanaging your work.

With good organizational skills and patience, you’ll build rapport with pet owners that lead to referrals. The key to this career is managing your workload so you don’t have too many clients too fast.

4. Graphic Design

One of the leading remote job opportunities is in graphic design. With little need for face time, companies are willing to outsource design work to freelancers with a strong creative eye.

Graphic design templates are abundant online allowing designers to take on more clients than ever before. Adding skills like web design and copywriting only sweeten the deal for potential clients.

As your business grows, you can outsource specialty work like motion graphics to create memorable work. Each job gives you an opportunity to sell yourself with designs to add to your portfolio.

5. Copy Editing

Start a copy editing business to help companies create polished marketing collateral. Copy editing is a must for book authors, annual report publishers, and web designers.

Take a refresher course in grammar before getting started. It might also be helpful to have a basic understanding of how to perform quick fact-checking services.

Self-Owned Business Sucess

Launching a self-owned business is easy when you use existing skills. Still, the big payoff of learning a new in-demand skill can be worth the additional nights and weekends.

There are business opportunities you can start immediately with no training, but the profitable gigs with the least amount of competition are your smartest bet. For more business tips, please check our blog for updates.