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Last updated on July 5th, 2022 at 10:02 am

Technology has changed the world in many different ways and it continues to evolve beyond what anyone could have imagined. The gaming industry is no exception to this either. We’ve come a long way from the days of 8-bit Super Mario and landscapes that resembled Lego blocks.

No offense to those players that enjoy pixilated video games in time when you have unrivaled imagery, spectacular visual complexities and mind-bending graphics the likes of which were unimaginable just a few years ago. Look, the whole nostalgia aspect of it all makes sense, but let’s be honest, just like the world has evolved, we need to follow suit.

Gamers are all different and their preferences are just as different, but none of us could have predicted that we would be able to enjoy the content we have available to us. It’s more like science fiction fantasy really, something the previous generation dreamed up and ours created.

Here we will take a look at some of the most awe inspiring technologies that are revolutionizing the gaming industry beyond our wildest dreams.

AI Technology

Arguably one of the hottest topics of the past decade, it’s only recently that the technology has begun to resemble what all those dystopian robot movies warned us about. Not to worry though, apparently, it’s completely safe.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, computing power has reached new limits. Well, there are technically no limits when it comes to AI which is why the sector has seen such a giant leap forward.

Virtual Reality/Augmented Technology

Even though the technology has been around for ages already, it’s only very recently that developers have managed to create devices that are both cost-effective and able to render images in the quality we all wished for.

VR has seen the biggest progress with advancements in technology. Originally, the tech was limited by our internet speeds which proved to hinder its expansion on the market. Thanks to 5G though, you’re no longer subjected to glitchy visuals and delayed feedback. Now, you’re able to fully immerse yourself in amazing environments which are becoming more like reality at an astonishing rate.

It will only be a couple more revolutions of the sun before the technology will be available to just about everyone thanks to the dramatic decrease in costs.

Facial Recognition

Before the introduction of 3D rendering, this tech was only considered useful to policing agencies and security companies. Nowadays though, when jumping into a VR game, your facial expressions will now be visible to other avatars, proving to be a major step forward when it comes to the Metaverse.

Here players immerse themselves in a completely 3D-generated world where you’ll be able to interact with players from around the world.

Mobile Gaming

This sector has enjoyed the most growth of all over the past few years and experts believe it will soon dwarf many other segments of the gaming industry.

This is especially true for the online casino industry where players are able to play their favorite games on the go. For those punters who never want to miss a wager on their favorite teams, thanks to live feeds across numerous platforms, they’ll be able to place a variety of bets, including parlay betting, prop bets and even futures from anywhere you are from the palm of your hand.

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Motion Manipulation

We’re all familiar with the Wii console; well this is probably the closest example to motion manipulation. The only difference being that these days, you won’t need to hold one of those cumbersome controls.

Instead, a 3D sensor detects numerous points on a player’s hand which allows them to act as if they are controlling whatever object depicted in the game. This will be revolutionary for combat games especially, and as the technology gets better, the detection will prove to be almost lifelike. This will undoubtedly take the gaming industry by storm once it has reached its peak.

The movie Ready Player one is the perfect example of the potential of this technology, if it’s anything as fantastic, this is by far the most exciting advancement in the industry.

What the Future Holds

If recent unveilings of the latest gaming technology are anything to go by, the future of gaming is bound for unimaginable things. The fastest growing industry in the world is a testament to both the public’s want for such technology and the ability of tech companies to produce the goods. We have only just covered the tip of the iceberg in this article and can only imagine what’s in store for us as the future unfolds.


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