How are you guys? This time we thought of giving a complete different self experience to you. Which means we are out of our niche now. A change, which makes a man different. So why can’t we apply this to our niche too? Today I’m going to share my First Six Month Blogging Experience. Well, let me start with some history.

We all enjoy vacation. Don’t we? During my plus one vacation (I’m a higher secondary student), I was happened to read an article on net by Problogger, yes our Darren Rowse’s Problogger. The topic was “Blogging-The New Strategy For School Students”. I just fell in love with the post and made a little research on “How To Make A Blog For Free”. Google gave me millions of results of course.So after shrinking my needs,I came to know the two most powerful blogging platforms. Any guess? Yes that were Blogger and WordPress. So the confusion struck my mind. “which one to use?”. That time I was not appeared on Facebook or other friends network to ask around. So I decided to perform a try on both of those. First I set up with the WordPress.

Being a newbie in techno world,I soon withdrew with WP. I think you have already guessed what the reason was. Yes it was somewhat difficult to get familiar with WordPress. So my next aim was to create a blog with Blogger.So “how to select an ideal name for my blog?”. I was worried of choosing a perfect domain name. I had an interest in “tricks” and “tips”. So I thought of including any of these word in my domain. At last, I concluded my searches to one name. Which would be it was? Yes sure,it was “allindiantricks”.
So the name was selected. What would be my next obstacle? The content. I have heard that “The Content Is The King”. So from where I could find the “KING”?. In my mobile, I Had set message alerts on tricks community. So I just copied the sentence in my message inbox and copied it to my blog editor. I still remember. It was about an “Airtel GPRS Trick”. But it was only 2 lines. Remember, I hadn’t read any pro articles till then.
So I published the two line content.I continued the posting for one week. Then I suddenly moved into the “stats” tab in blogger dashboard. I thought I would get at least 1000 or 2000 page views. But the stats overview had beaten all my expectations. My total page views after one week of publishing was “5”. Only five. Including my page views,it was 8. What the hell? I decided to gave up blogging.After two months,in June,I just took a glance on the stats tab.

My God! What a surprise it was. The total page views has crossed 1000 and got about 100 page views per day. A new bulb flashed on my mind and at that instant,I rushed for some more content. Posted some 30-40 posts within a day. As usual,I left the matter for some months. My school vacations has over and I merely forgot about my “allindiantricks”.Days passed. Accidently one day I searched in Google for “Latest Airtel Free GPRS Trick”. As usual,I clicked the first result and it brought me to a blog. Later,I realized that it was my own blog. I suddenly took a burst to blogger and looked the stats tab again. I couldn’t really believe my eyes. The total page views has passed 50000 page views and getting around 1000 page views per day.

I felt very proud on that day and after 2 days,I received the first comment in my blog. I proudly accepted it and replied to the comment. In the beginning of the month September, (after 6 months of posting),my traffic stats were as follows:
Total Page views: 80,000


Comments: 5

Later, I seriously put some more efforts to blogging and found some words like SEO, ALEXA, PAGERANK, SER, WEBMASTER etc in the blogosphere. I studied about “what is SEO,what is Alexa etc.

I checked my Alexa rank for first domain).

Alexa rank:2546517.

This is my first 6 month blogging experience. We will post our further month experiences as soon as possible. Your comments are highly valued and please drop your feedbacks here to encourage us for following awesome experience.


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  1. George Matthew Reply

    I really love to see the personal things that bloggers write about themselves and its great to see you penning down your thoughts to the public. Much of what you said was true for my blog too. After a week the only pageviews were that of mine. Only after posting daily did I get some cool traffic. You should tell your full story that how you reached upto 50k pageviews/day and became a name itself in this arena. But first weren't you dailyhacks. Its only now that you're allindiantricks. You are really an inspiration, not only for me but for everyone. The way you've designed your blog, the way you talk about seo etc and all of this at the higher secondary level. I am elder to you in age but not in knowledge. I hope we reach higher levels in this field. Btw what's your future plans..? Arts, engineering, medicine….

  2. Dear George. This will be one of my favorite comment forever. Sure,I will write about my further month experiences asap. My future plan is nothing but engg. I'm looking for a reputed college like NIT. My pageviews are on the increase now and getting a handsome traffic. Anyway,I am very much thankful to you for your valuable feedback.

    • Sayantan Mahato Reply

      Hi Bala,

      Well, Sid’s story is bit of luck and hardwork. If you do both of these, even you can get to the top.


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