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Move Game Data to SD Card & Play Big Games in Android using Folder Mount

(Last Updated On: October 27, 2016)

If you’re one of those desperate kids who doesn’t have much internal memory in your phone to play big Gameloft and Rockstar games, here comes an intuitive solution to play games having huge sizes. I know that feeling when your friend with high end smartphone plays Real Racing 3 or Modern Combat in front of you. Low end and mid-range android smartphones usually dont have more than 4 gigs of internal memory. Out of that, you would get maximum 2 GB as user available.

The worst case happens in this scenario. If you have installed any big game, you would have to sacrifice the existence of other apps. You must delete your favorite apps for a single game to be played on your device. Apart from Samsung Galaxy S4, I do have Sony Xperia M, which I use the most. The above case repeats there as it has very limited internal memory.

But brace yourself, I’m currently having around 7 high end games in my Xperia M including Real Racing 3, MC4,MC5, Fifa 14, San Andreas, Most Wanted etc and still 1.5 GB is free as internal memory. Wondering how? In this tutorial I’m gonna help you install as much games you want in your low end smartphone, provided you are equipped with at least 8 GB external SD card.


  1. Your phone must be rooted. You can close this page if you don’t wish to root your phone. No mercy.
  2. You must have a descent external SD card. 16 GB is preferred.
  3. Folder Mount app. Install it from here
  4. A little bit of time and your brain.

How to Move Game Data to SD Card and Play Big Games

I hope that you already have root privileges in your phone. You can refer our rooting section to root your phone easily. We make use of an app called ‘Folder Mount’ for this process. It actually fakes the location of the game data by mounting external card as the destination. Let’s see how it works in case of installing Amazing Spiderman 2 in my phone.

  • Install Folder Mount from the above link.
  • I hope that you have got the APK file and data file separately.
  • Now install the APK of the game. After installing, don’t open the game.
  • Head on to your file manager (I recommend Root Explorer) and get into internal SD (sdcard0).
  • If you’re trying to install a Gameloft game, the data file should be a .obb file in a folder called ““. The “xx” part varies in accordance with the game.
  • Now note down the folder name and copy it. Create an empty folder in sdcard0/Android/Obb with the copied folder name.
  • After creating a folder there, open Folder Mount app and click on the ‘+’ icon at top right.
  • Now you can see three columns;Name,source and destination. In the Name box, type anything like the game name. In the source box, choose the folder you have created in Android/obb folder.
  • It will automatically fill the ‘Destination’ box. See below screenshot.

move game data folder mount

  • Now save the settings and move back to the app. Just tap on the Pin icon at the bottom left to mount the folder you have created.
  • Finally, open the file browser and copy the game’s data file (.obb file, not the folder) to the Destination folder. It should be sdcard1/Android/obb/

You have now successfully mounted the folders using Folder Mount app and your game can be played from the external SD card. If you’re trying to install EA games like Real racing or Most Wanted, the data should be placed in Android/data and not in obb folder.

Never let your favorite game uninstalled because of the limited internal storage. Exploit your external SD card’s free space and be a hardcore mobile gamer. However, the gaming performance will depend on your phone’s hardware specifications. You can’t play these games on ARMv6 phones. Let me know if you have any doubts regarding this method.


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