Moto X Play (XT1562) can be updated to the latest Android 8 Oreo version by manually installing an unofficial build of LineageOS 15 custom ROM (Moto X Play Oreo Update). You might have already known that before modifying your Moto devices, the bootloader must be unlocked. So the installation steps comprise of unlocking the bootloader, installing a custom recovery, rooting the device and flashing the LineageOS 15 ROM.

moto x play oreo update

In order to unlock the bootloader, you must request through the official Moto site. Keep in mind that it would void your warranty and you no longer get free services once you break the warranty terms. If you already have an unlocked bootloader with a custom recovery installed, updating Moto X Play (codenamed as ‘lux’) to Oreo via LineageOS 15 will be an easy task.

In case if you’re worried about altering your device, you can try the official Nougat update for Moto X Play. I have covered an awesome guide here. However, the device won’t be getting an official Oreo update as the software support period has ended. Most probably, your device’s warranty may have already expired. So I suggest you try this unofficial LineageOS 15 ROM to upgrade your X Play to the Oreo version.

Moto X Play Oreo Update: Requirements

  • Flashing a new ROM wipes data. So back up your files safe. I suggest you take a full NANDROID backup with the help of TWRP recovery.
  • Your X Play must be rooted with a custom recovery in order to flash custom ROMs like LineageOS. Unlocked bootloader is also mandatory.
  • Maintain a decent amount of battery in your device to avoid power failure during the installation process.
  • Install USB drivers for your computer to transfer files between the PC & mobile device.

Moto X Play Oreo Update via LineageOS 15: Instructions

  1. Download LineageOS 15 & Oreo GApps for Moto E and copy them to the root of your internal storage (/sdcard0/). Do not extract the files.
  2. Now reboot your phone into (TWRP) recovery mode.
  3. Do a full wipe except for phone storage (data, dalvik, cache, system).
  4. Choose the LineageOS ROM and flash it.
  5. Once it’s done, flash the GApps in the same manner.
  6. Reboot system.

Once you’re done with the flashing of LineageOS 15 and Google apps on your Moto X Play, you’re ready to rock with the latest Oreo version on your device. The initial boot may take a while please be patient meanwhile. You might need to set up the Google account during the device setup. You can skip this step as well.

Moto X Play Oreo update guide has been finished. You can always backup your apps & data with Titanium backup application for hassle-free restore. If you’re having trouble with installing LineageOS 15 on your Moto X Play, let us know via comments.