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Moto G Turbo Nougat Update: Install Official 7.1.1 Stock ROM

Moto G Turbo Nougat update is made possible by flashing the official stock ROM port from Moto G4 by an XDA developer. Manually update with this guide.

Today, let’s discuss the Moto G Turbo Nougat update. Though Moto (Lenovo) is quite famous for giving fast software updates, some devices get blacklisted in the no-more-update zone. I’m talking about the Moto G Turbo. The device was launched in 2015 November with lots of bells and ribbons. But Moto has confirmed that Moto G Turbo won’t be getting an official Nougat 7 software update lately. Sigh!

Moto G Turbo Nougat update can be achieved by installing the Moto G4 ported ROM. Which means you get the stock-like experience on your Moto G Turbo by installing the ROM port. Obviously, the porting was done by an XDA member and all hail Innfinite4evr.

As the warranty period has already ended for the device, you might have thought of rooting the device to get further developmental benefits. If yes, follow this guide to safely install official stock Nougat 7.1.1 ROM on your Moto G Turbo. The only requirements to update Moto G Turbo to official Nougat is the root access and a custom recovery like TWRP.

Moto G Turbo Nougat Update: Pre-requisites

  • Root privilege and a custom recovery installed.
  • Backup important files to the PC.
  • Unlocked bootloader.

Download Moto G Turbo Nougat Update Firmware

How to Install Official Nougat on Moto G Turbo

  1. Download the Nougat ROM ( and the Updater files from the above download section and copy to the phone’s internal storage.
  2. Now make sure you take full backup including call logs, messages, contacts and other personal data. You can also make a full backup using TWRP’s NANDROID backup option (Recommended).
  3. Now reboot the device into TWRP recovery and do the Factory Wipe, which erases data, Dalvik & Cache on the device.
  4. Then Install the Moto G Turbo Nougat ROM using the “Install” button on the home g turbo nougat update
  5. Once you load the ROM, swipe right to proceed with the g turbo nougat
  6. If that went without any issues, get back to the home screen again and install the Nougat Updater ZIP similarly.
  7. Wipe Dalvik & Cache then and reboot the system.

The official Nougat 7.1.1 ROM port has been successfully installed on your Moto G Turbo. The Google Apps are pre-installed in this firmware so that you don’t have to externally flash the GApps package. On the other hand, you’d probably lose the root access after flashing this ROM.

Moto G Turbo Nougat update guide has been finished. If you face any difficulty while installing Nougat 7.1.1 stock ROM on Moto G Turbo, let me know via comments.

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