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6 Things to Consider while Buying a New Monitor for Your Every Need

If you’re in the market looking for a monitor, knowing what exactly to consider is very important. The use of computer monitors has grown tremendously as more people take advantage of technology and picking the right option is definitely something you can’t ignore. While many people concentrate more on monitor sizes, there are other key factors that one should consider as a matter of importance in order to find the right investment for the job.

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Before spending your money on one, below are some valuable things you should consider in order to get a monitor that meets your needs:

1. Resolution

We don’t want to be too technical but when it comes to resolution, it is good to just say that this is the number of pixels displayed by any given monitor. If the quality of pictures is a concern for you, it will be good to go for a higher resolution but if you don’t mind, then a standard resolution will be ideal.

High-resolution monitors are suitable especially if you are into gaming as they’re capable of displaying quality pictures. Normally, monitor resolution ranges from 1024 x 768 to 3840×2160 but as you consider this, always make sure your computer PC can support the resolution of choice.

2. Monitor features

Although you might be buying a monitor to cater for your present needs, it will be advisable to at least have the future in mind and as such pick one that has the best of features. In fact, if it’s possible, buying the latest models will be better as it allows you access to the best of features which could allow you to use the monitor for different purposes including gaming.

While all monitors might look the same, it is good to note that some models have some great additional features which you should consider. You could also consider the viewing experience different monitors offer you as some have either matte or glossy screens.

3. Monitor size

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Monitor sizes vary and you should choose the ideal size based on what you intend to do. For example, if you are buying a monitor for your photography business, digital illustration or graphic design, a large screen will be the best. Basically, monitors are available in 15 inches all the way up to 30 inches and the measurements are taken diagonally.

A 27-inch monitor would be ideal for movies and gaming but always consider your available space before making the purchase.

4. The budget

Your budget cannot be ignored and if your monitor is just for the simple, normal tasks such as research, emailing or for basic application usage, then there’ll be no point spending a lot of money on your purchase. On the other hand, it will be wasteful to spend your money on a cheap monitor if your goal is gaming and other professional tasks such as videography and photo editing.

Always consider your budget vis-à-vis your intended usage and invest in the right monitor model for your needs. With a little bit of research and online reviews, it is possible to get a great monitor inexpensively to help enjoy the best experience in whatever you do.

5. Connector types

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There are different types of connectors and as such, you should make sure that the monitor you choose does have the kind of connector you intend to use. Failure to confirm this could require you to make an additional purchase of an adaptor thus costing you unnecessarily.

In case you intend to use the monitor for gaming and the outputs for your video card are in DVI, buying a monitor with a DVI port will be better than buying one that doesn’t have and then buy an adaptor separately. Always take a little time to research on the available connector types which you can use with the different monitors you consider investing on.

6. Display type

There are also different display types for monitors you find in the market today. It is good to know the pros and cons of each one of them and see how they affect your work or usage of the monitor. These types include LCD, LED, IPS and touchscreen. The type of screen display not only affects the picture image ranging from colors to brightness but also power consumption.

Final Words

It’s good to point out that different monitor sizes are available at different prices and the bigger the monitor the higher the price in some cases. All factors considered, getting a good monitor will be determined by your budget and the kind of research you do. However, it doesn’t do any harm to compare different reviews and also see the recommendations from other users. The bottom-line, however, is for you to get a monitor that serves your needs without becoming outdated too soon.

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