People spend over 3 hours per day on their mobiles.

That means more than one-eighth of our entire life is now spent staring at our smartphones!

How crazy is that?

mobile phone iphone marketing

It goes without saying, then, that mobile marketing is essential to business success. That’s where the eyes are, which means that’s where the marketing should be targeted too.

But what mobile marketing trends are of particular importance this year?

Keep reading to find out.

1. Mobile Applications

People are interacting with mobile apps more than ever before.

For some businesses, investing in an app is a mighty boon in driving engagement and sales. Better still, the content in your apps can now show organically in Google.

People can, therefore, now find the app without having to search in the different app stores.

However, it’s important to note that masses of users still prefer interacting with brands through their browser. Apps may be growing in appeal, but you should only invest in one if you know your customers are calling for it.

2. Augmented Reality (AR)

AR is another rising star in the mobile marketing world.

Though it’s yet to reach full maturity, numerous brands have already put it to good use. Think about IKEA and its ‘Place’ AR App. Customers could use their phone cameras to see what an item of furniture would look like in-situ in their home.

The ability to alter the real-world via a smartphone camera is a mighty opportunity for most businesses.

Think about real-estate agents, car dealerships, and homeware stores. Each and everyone one of them could leverage AR to their benefit.

3. Video

Video has been the king of content for a while now.

Make sure you utilize it in your mobile marketing this year.

People’s love of video content means a well-made, emotive video can work wonders for business. Get it out there on social, stick some ad spend behind it, and watch the engagement roll in.

4. Voice Search

Voice search is already a big deal.

Amazon Echo and Google Home are two voice-controlled smart home assistants that rely upon voice.

It seems likely that these (already popular) devices will become more widely accepted. As they do, voice search is only going to become more popular too.

Your business should think about optimizing content for voice. For instance, start integrating longer-tail keywords that read naturally (i.e. how somebody would say them out loud).

5. Instagram Ads

Social media advertising is, of course, nothing new.

It should be a key part of your overall marketing strategy.

However, one relatively new development therein pertains to Instagram ads. This behemoth of the social media world is creating ever greater means of advertising on the platform.

Given that it’s used predominantly on mobile, this could be another important marketing channel to invest it. Better still, because it’s a newbie to the field, Instagram ads remain cheap and cheerful to get started with.

Embrace These Mobile Marketing Trends

People are spending more time on mobile than ever before.

Hopefully, these mobile marketing trends will help your business capitalize on that fact.

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