Redmi 3S Prime: Download MIUI Global Stable ROM

Now download MIUI Global Stable ROM for Redmi 3S Prime: MIUI MALMIEK global stable ROM can be downloaded for Redmi 3S Prime by following this guide.This update is made available for selected users over OTA prompt and if you’re quite excited to get the firmware without waiting more, you can download the same for Redmi 3S Prime from here and we’ll guide you how to install it on your device.

MIUI Global Stable ROM redmi 3s prime

The previous global stable build for Redmi 3S Prime (land) was MIUI and you could directly update to the newest firmware through this guide. However, this particular update is a nightly release and all users may not be getting it on the device. So the alternative option is to download and manually flash MIUI build on Redmi 3S Prime.

The MIUI MALMIEK global stable ROM update procedure is almost same for the device (Redmi 3S Prime) and if you had followed my previous article, you could easily install the firmware manually without any fuss. If you want to check what’s new in this build, here’s a video describing MIUI review and the full changelog.

Manually updating Redmi 3S Prime with MIUI global stable ROM doesn’t void warranty or erase data from the device. The update procedure uses the phone’s stock recovery and obviously, this is a recovery ROM. So it should not be confused with the fastboot ROM.

How to Install MIUI Global Stable ROM on Redmi 3S Prime

Recovery ROM Method

  1. Download MIUI MALMIEK Global Stable ROM for Redmi 3S Prime (V8.5.4.0.MALMIED-V9.2.2.0.MALMIEK-fbc53ab6e6-6.0) and copy it the root of your internal storage.
  2. Now rename the ROM zip to ‘’ and open the Updater app on your 3S Prime.
  3. Tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner and select ‘Choose update package‘.
  4. It will open up the explorer. Just select the file you renamed and let the updater verify the ROM.
  5. Once the verification is done, you will be asked to reboot to recovery. Proceed with that and the phone will install the ROM package in the recovery.
  6. Once it completes the installation, the device will reboot to the system automatically. Enjoy the stable update.

Special Note

If the recovery couldn’t flash the MIUI firmware followed by showing an error, you might need to flash the previous MIUI block OTA first. Download MIUI global stable ROM block OTA from here and flash it first. Then follow the above-mentioned procedure accordingly.

Make sure you’ve kept minimum 30% battery juice on your Redmi 3S Prime else the update won’t start. This guide explained how to download and install MIUI global stable ROM on Redmi 3S Prime. If you had any difficulties while downloading or installing the same, let us know via comments.

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