Mirror TV and Other TV Types – Which One Should You Buy?



The television industry has varieties of TV for its customers. One can choose depending on their needs and budgets. The TV ranges from mirror TV to HDTV having various features, quality, and personal needs. If you are the one searching for the perfect television, then this article will help you letting decide the best one.

#1 – Mirror TV

A mirror TV can be convertible to mirror and often utilized to save space or conceal electronics in your living space or bedrooms. The most exciting thing is, it can be customized with the home interior and has set a new level for television industries.

They can even be placed in bathrooms and have features to resist moisture. They can be added to a luxury item due to their high price. You can customize the frames and types of mirrors you want. Once the TV is switched off, it’s hard to recognize its presence. You can get many varieties of sizes and choose to depend upon your room size.

Their pros and cons so that you can purchase the best for your home. For best mirror tv, go for GECEY mirror TV, which has been user number one choice due to its excellent performance.

# 2 – LCD TV: CCFL

LCD, also known as liquid crystal displays, brought a revolution in the television industry by launching thinner and lighter shows for producing images. They are even thinner than the cathode tube and comes in much larger sizes.

If you are looking for the television which offers you a widescreen view and fantastic contrast. The large screen provides a much more magnificent view of superlative visual quality. The high definition screen looks like the image is ready to pop out at you and are available at affordable prices.

# 3 – LED TV: Direct LED

The LED TV comes with a flat panel display and uses a light-emitting diode for pixels of the video display. LEDs are best known for their brightness, which makes them compatible to be used outside.

They can be easily visible in suns, and that is the primary reason why LEDs are being used as billboards and signs for public transport vehicles in Highways. LEDs can be viewed up to more than 75 degrees without degradation in contrast.

# 4 – OLED TV

OLED, also known as the organic light-emitting diode, is the one having an emissive electroluminescent layer of film. The organic compound, which is situated between two electrodes emits light in response to the electric current.

One of these electrodes is transparent, which makes the viewing panel just perfect. The pixie glass material remains thin, light, and strong. It consumes very little power to operate and saves a lot of energy, but it can cost you a bit higher.

# 5– Quantum Dot

Quantum dots have very tiny semiconductor particles, which are nanometers in size. The tiny size makes the difference visible between optical and electronic properties from the larger particles. It offers the best viewing experience and relies on small energy to work. This is done by taking photons and re-emits them into wavelengths for a specified period.

# 6 – Plasma TV

Plasma displays have a flat panel, which can be commonly found in large displays ranging from 30 inches. Plasma TV uses the small cells which contain electrically charged ion gases. It was the one who made people crazy after it when introduced.

They consist of a large screen and gives rapid response while delivering image or content. They are the best for ones wanting to play video games on their television set without any lag. They offer a bright contrast by balancing between dark and light colors.

# 7 – Curved TV

Curved TVs are best known for providing immersive experience and a broader view. They are amongst the top-rated in parts of South Korea. They are much more enhanced with a sense of depth and gives a perfect look from all angles.

Which One Should You Purchase?

Everyone has different needs and budgets to buy according to their preferences so that you can go through the features discussed above and select the most appropriate one. If you are willing to spend more and want something exotic and unique, then you must go to mirror tv, which is the latest trending ones. Imagine having a luxury bath in your washroom while watching your favorite shows.

With the help of technological advancements, it has been possible these days, and every new technology gets outdated quickly with the latest models entering in.

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